Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Sign of Things to Come

I am still upset about the whole office situation. But more than that I think I am just not happy in this position. I should have gotten an evaluation and a raise back in August. They ended up doing the evaluation right before Christmas and it was a bad eval. I was overwhelmed with the amount of work I had to do after the buy out of the other agency. I was working every day from 8am to 7-8 pm. I was telling them verbally and e-mail asking for relief. I was told that I was not a team player and that I was mean to the talker and that I was not to expect anything from her because after being here since the middle of October she was still having problems with the simplest of tasks.I was told that basically they would come back in March to re-evaluate my position and I would be told if I still had this position or not. Well, it is 3/30/07 and no evaluation other than the on site one done this week on the both of us where she told the talker she was doing good and completing her tasks on time. NOT!!! Then this morning I get a call from my good friend who works for a Dr here in town. We see one of their patients. She is seeing the Dr today and had lab work drawn last Friday. The nurse drew the lab and took the lab to the lab drop off station but the lab has no results. They say they never got the specimen. This is a bad thing because the patient is at the Dr. office and there is no lab to compare to the last time she was seen. It makes my company look bad. It puts my friend in a bad position because where if she wasn't my friend she could just say to hell with that, this company sucks and we will not refer to them anymore. But she can't do that because of me. I take this as another sign for me to get out of the office. I want to be responsible for what I do no one else. I do not want to be the one people call up to bitch to anymore. I was listing the pro and cons of working in the field and working in the office. Here is what I came up with so far;
leave the house at 7:10 am get to work by 8am
may or may not get an hour lunch break(usually work thru it)]
off at 5pm but more than not I stay until 6-7pm to catch up
on call every 4 weeks without pay for administrative call
can work my screen from home (before and after hours and weekends)
salaried no overtime for working after hours or from home
sedentary job
drive time home to go 14 miles=50-70 minutes
can do visits on the weekend for extra money

make your own hours never having to drive in rush hour traffic since the area I cover would be my side of town and nobody wants to be seen before 9am anyways.
off before 5pm most times by 3pm
on call every 8 weeks with pay
paid a salary but have to meet productivity then when met every visit after that is a fee paid visit meaning extra money to make while on regular hours
mileage paid at 41 cents a mile
never have to work from home on the computer
not a sedentary job. out in the world in the fresh air.
deal with one person at a time.
hands on patient care which I LOVE!!!
when the day is done it is done nobody calling you to follow up on anything
no more working weekends to make extra money see above

In my mind I am already back in the field


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Say it Ain't So!!

I am so mad I could spit bullets! I just saw the final "written in stone" layout for the new offices. I am sharing a fucking office with this big mouth bitch! And the office is 1/2 the size of the one we are in now.I am told they are putting in a sound proof barrier. Yeah right! I got a sound proof barrier. My Ford Taurus doing home visits in south Austin!! Oh hell to the no they did not do that to me! I have talked with every boss from here to San Antonio. They are all aware of the situation. They have to back out of the office every time they come in too. Yeah muther fuckers, try being cooped up with her for 9 hrs a day 5 days a week. I am writing up my transfer request this evening. Since they all know of my extreme dislike for sharing my space with her then I am left to think that they are wanting to get me out of the office. Well, then they will get their wish!Actually having done this job for the last 3 years I am happy to be going back out in the field. The bad thing is I will have to deal with her ineffectual job performance from the field. At least, with me here the nurses call me to help them out. Once I am gone they will have to deal with her or be calling the boss every time which is exactly what I am going to do. Fucking fuck fuck muther fucking fucks!!


1980 Called They want That Oingo Boingo Hairdo Back

Sanjaya my man you so suck. Did anyone else see the poster in the audience that said vote for me vote for my people? I am telling ya he has a calol center going in India for him. Mombai calling! I thought Melinda and KiKi did great as usual! I also like Gina more and more every weekShe is a rocker chick and I always say I will only vote for the ones I would actually listen to or go see in concert. So far, only Chris D. has been good enough for me to go see!Speaking of going to see someone I am bummed because I wanted to see Delbert this weekend but the show is sold out! I shoulda known! I need to see if he has a web site up. Maybe he is planning on touring around here some too. I heard a new band on the radio yesterday and I loved them like good old time southern rock ala Allman Brothers,Lynard Skynard. But I cannot for the life of me remember the name it was something like Crush or Crash, or Clutch... any ideas out there. The album came out yesterday. I will stop by Waterloo Records on the way home from the "w" tonight. They will know what I am talking about. They are the gurus of the music world in Austin for sure!Right now I am listening to some Janis Joplin on KGSR. It is a local station that is heavy on local artists. Ok I really have nothing to say so have a great hump day everybody!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

On Site Interview

So, the boss of my boss is in the office today and she is telling me and the talker about how well we are doing our jobs. Now, we share a task screen and each task must be completed within a certain amount of time or your screen will change colors, red being bad very bad. The talker's screen is all lit up in red and stays that way. Imagine my surprise when the boss told the talker today that she was doing a good job managing to complete all her tasks in the time allotted! Wha wha what??? I swear shit floats to the top people! No way in a million is this bitch getting her tasks done in a timely manner! I can see from my screen how red her screen is. Infuckingcredible!!! This girl is gonna stay in her position and continue to fuck up on a daily basis. I hear these phrases continuously... I don't know anything about that. I don't know ab0out that. No one has told me anything about that. This is what she says to the nurses,therapists,Dr. office staff, patients and patients' family members.So, basically, we are both doing a good job. Man oh man, I should be getting my raise I should have gotten back in August and they hem hawed around and did the eval right before Christmas and told me I was on probation for the next 3 months because I was so mean to the talker! I still haven't gotten my raise! Fuck these people. My boss is back today from week off. She asked me if the talker has asked me to help her put in referrals today. No, she hasn't I replied. She is on crack if she thinks I am going to do any more of her work than I already do. She wouldn't know the meaning of the word triage if she looked it up and shoved it up her own butt!Man oh man Unbelievable! I am so ready to be in my own room without her constant chatter in the back ground. It will be so nice!!


Monday, March 26, 2007


Well, as I told ya'll before I left work on Friday it was going to be a meeting of the "clits" for Kelly's birthday. I met up with everybody at Casa Garcia's one of our favorite bar/restaurants in the neighborhood. Kelly was hurting from partying too much the night before. Seems she went out with some work friends to a bar over on the east- sigh-eed! She told us she got so drunk she was throwing up at the table while her friends were dancing. She says some guy was holding her hair and stroking her arm behind her while she was simultaneously puking and farting. Ya gotta love a guy you can puke in front of and fart on! LOL I wish she had of got a name from him. Sounds like my kind of man!She got her purse stolen and was telling us how the next day she felt like shit and got a call from the bar and was told her car keys and ID were found in the dumpster behind the bar. She had to go dumpster diving for her things.
Anyways, we are all at the place sitting down at a big table drinking margaritas and fixing to order our dinner when in strolls a mariachi band. Now, for those of you who aren't familiar with a mariachi band; this is an acoustic band with guitars,fiddles,and trumpets. They dress in black outfits that have silver conchs down the side. Very pretty and they stroll through the restaurant singing and playing in Spanish. I love them and think most of the "clits"do. All except for Jana. Now Jana is a lovely girl. She is the "clit" with the swimming pool in the back yard. This is our summer be there place. She is also my number 1 companion for concerts. She is easy going and I have never seen her throw a fit or even be really mad before. Well, not when it comes to mariachis though. She hates them so much. So imagine if you will Jana sitting across from me with her back to the door of which have just walked in 7 mariachis. Now, the "clits"sitting across from Jana all see the mariachis and look at Jana to see what will happen.Then out of the corner of Gail's eye she spies the band and alerts Jana to the impending melee. Jana starts to get red in the face and when the music starts right behind her and it is loud. Really loud she begins to cry. Yes, I said cry! She grabbed her napkin and kept wiping her eyes. Well, I was crying too but only from laughing at her so much as were all of us. Yes, her best friends were all laughing and mocking her as we swilled our margaritas. She jumps up and runs out the door. We all sit there blinking and think well that is it we are outta here. We ask for our bill and the waiter now confused because he speaks mostly Spanish and cannot for the life of himself figure out why we would all come from the bar area to the eating part and then before ordering or finishing our drinks get up and leave. No matter we are going to do just that. He brings our bill and as we sit there figuring it out the mariachis leave the room and Jana comes back in ready to continue eating and drinking.Seems she was only waiting for the mariachis to leave. Okay, so the waiter comes back and we order our food. Yes, he is really confused then but we don't care because we are drinking and Jana is back and here we go. Oh did I mention we are really loud too? So we get our meals and more drinks of course, and are having the best time when in comes the mariachi band again to stand directly behind Jana and play. She jumps up and runs out of the restaurant in a panic, gets in her car and calls up from the car on her way home saying, "you bitches pay for my dinner I have walked the bill and am going home"
I have no idea why she is affected by mariachis this way. I even tried to reason with her pointing out that Antonio Banderas was a mariachi! Hello, did we watch that movie a bizillion times or what? Maybe she was accosted by a band of mariachis in her childhood. No one knows. All we know is how to wind her up and that is with mariachis!! We ended up at jana's house on the back patio laughing our ass off at Jana and her Panic Mariachi Syndrome!


Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday is Here !

Well, the plan to have an avocado margarita has changed. One of the "clits" Kelly is having a birthday today so we are all meeting up at one of our favorite palces Casa Garcia's. They make a great margarita and good food and the best part is it is close to all of our homes. I don't know if I have mentioned before that all the "clits" live within a 5 mile radius of one another. And yes, that is done on purpose!The talker is going ful throttle today. I asked her to shut up for a little while so I could figure out a level of care on a chart but it only worked for a few minutes! LOL I should have known.Come on end of the month! My cousin's company is gone finally. Last night when I went to bed she was in my cusin's bedroom with the door shut but I could smell cigarette smoke. Like I can't smell it! Whatever! Just get the fuck out of my house! No respect! Hey, if my cousin is ok with her clothes and bed linen smelling like a big old cigarette butt then fine.I know which battles to fight and which battles to walk away from. I think this girl intimidated my cousin a little bit. They are old friends and used to be roomates. But you know how you can tell when someone thinks they are the alpha of the relationship? I think that was the case here. Plus, we are both southern girls and the one thing we learn as children is be nice. I find it hard to ask someone not to smoke in the house or in the car but I do! It always makes me feel mean but then again it is offensive. I have been having gallbladder attacks. I eat poorly so it makes sense my body rebels against me. I have been drinking a butt load of fresh pressed apple juice. The pectin in the cider dissolves the stones and then you take a spoonful of mineral oil to move it on out. It has to be fresh juice not processed.Works like a charm though!How about Gray's Anatomy last night? Goerge fucked up big time. I hate Izzy! She is a psycho for one thing. I would never let her near any of my patients. Plus, she was slamming Callie for being rich and hello, bitch you are too. And when did that become a bad thing? I mean for fuck's sake they are doctors!I get so annoyed at that show with their bullshit procedures. Mcdreamy loses way too many patients on the table either that or he will almost lose them. That is a bad thing people! Surgeries are supposed to be uneventful. Not his though. And her father is the most ineffectual man alive. Sounds like I hate the show.I don't but I do hate parts of it. I love Christine! She is my favorite character. I love Burke too.Ok back to the "w". Have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Damn the Devil!

I told ya'll Sanjay was not going anywhere! LOL My sister is watching AI for the first time this year and she will call me all upset and wanting to know what is wrong with America. Honey, if as many Americans would vote for the President as vote for AI we could have a decent government!
So, the Bush administration says no to having to swear in anyone to actually tell the truth about all the prosecutors being fired. Seems there was no communication for like 30 days before the ax fell on all those guys. No emails,no phone log, no documentation at all. Sounds familiar doesn't it. Can you say Nixon?? It is unreal that the Bush admin. is saying that this whole thing is a waste of time and an investigation would be a waste of the taxpayer's money. I guess it is more important to find out if the President is getting blow jobs than if he is actually trying to bamboozle the whole American public. I think Bush thinks we all get to work on the short bus! I will be so glad to get his lying bully ass out of the white house. I only hope and pray it happens before he really pisses off somebody so bad that they nuke us! Ok enough of that bullshit!
Did I tell you we are moving our offices to bigger and better digs? Did I tell you I have my own office? My own talker free office! Praise the Lord!!!!Finally, my ears wil bleed no more!Don't jinx it! Don't jinx it!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hump Day

Have I asked ya'll this before? Has anyone ever had an avocado margarita? I have this itch to try one but it could go 2 ways,either be very good or very bad. My friend Lewis and I are gonna go find one and try it come Friday after the "w".Someone told me that they are creamy and yummy and Lewis says if it has alcohol in it he is down with that! He went to the Dr. yesterday and he has more tumors, yes it is a tumor! He will have to start chemotherapy again. I am scared for him. He comes into my office in the mornings and we have breakfast together. It is the only time we see each other any more. He has moved to a new apartment and is living alone again. This morning we were talking about the chemo and he said he just hopes he can make it through another round. I told him he has no choice but to make it through. He asked what he would do if he got sick and weak again and I told him I would come and stay with him until he was strong again.I know that he is living on borrowed time and he knows this too. I just was banking on another 20 or so years.I love him so much! After that last scare with him trying to die in the stinking hospital I hope I can be strong for him. It makes you stop and think about what is important in your life. I think after Nancy died so suddenly and then Lewis getting so sick I have made it a daily part of my life to let the people I love know it. I am so blessed to have the awesome friends and family I have and thank God almighty each and every day for them all. I know when the time comes I will be there for him. I will stay by his side and make sure he is not afraid. We both have the same fear of dying alone.Ok enough of that kind of talk.
American Idol- who was the best? I liked Melinda the best last night but also really liked Jordin and Blake. Ki-Ki was good as usual and I loved her whole look. She was beautiful! Sanjay made a little girl cry and Simon said it best when he said her face said it all!
Who watches Lost? I love that show so much! Last week was really a cliff hanger. They saw Jack and he was acting like he was one of Them. That guy back at the beach from the hatch, I can't remember his name but he is always coming around and being weird.He told Charlie he was saving him from getting killed. Anyways, I think he is one of Them! I am such a TV head! No wonder I have no life! That's ok cuz I just found out Delbert Mc Clinton is playing at Gruene Hall Saturday after next and I am so going to that. I love me some Delbert and I haven't seen him in forever. The Rat Bastard hated him so we never went.I should have known it would never work out. I mean really who doesn't love Delbert? Ok break is over and I am outta here as Beads says!Happy hump day everybody!
Oh here's a trivia question for you
Name this song
"Well, you started out with nothing and and you're proud that you're a self made man."


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Always Something

The good news is the talker is out of the office all morning. She is sitting at home cooling her jets waiting on the cable guy. Yippee! I am sitting here listening to Johnny Cash as loud as I want and burning a smelly candle to boot!
My cousin has company from out of town. The girl is very nice but is a smoker and she has been smoking in the house! Big no-no. She is staying for 10 days! I talked with my cousin yesterday and told her that she had to talk with the girl already. Neither one of us smoke so why in the world would she think it was ok to light up. I mean if she was here for just 1 day and smoked a cigarette then maybe.But 10 days, oh hell to the no! I just spent good money to have my house painted and new slipcovers for the furniture and once you get the smell of cigarettes in the house and fabric it is hard to get it out. I think if smokers could actually smell how bad they smell they would quit for that reason alone.I have a good friend who smokes and so does her husband. You can smell the stale smoke from the sidewalk before even going into her house!Anyways, my cousin talked to the girl and when I went home last night she was smoking outside. Good! I hate to be rude or make anyone feel uncomfortable in my house as a guest but really!Sorry to my blogger fiends out there but guys ya'll stink!
Did anyone else watch Dancing with the Stars last night? How cute is Apollo Ohno?Plus I thought the guy who danced with Leeza Gibbons was a hotty too. But tell me didn't that dress she had on make her butt look big? Then Mohammad Alis's daughter did well. She is very muscular and her voice is well... "she sound like a man!" Heather Mills did ok too. She was better than Billy Ray Cyrus! Hello, who ever thought he would be good at dancing? LOL!
Tonight is another episode of AI! I am not feeling it that much this year. I mean you got Ki-Ki and Melinda and then you got the wannabes. Please, they should all pack up and go home! Who will go this week? And don't say Sanjaya because we all know he ain't going nowhere!


Monday, March 19, 2007

Another Bitch Post(feel free to skip)

Well, another weekend has passed and here I sit in the office with my nemesis. Today she is lying and that is a new one. I swear the lengths this woman will go to avoid work is amazing even to me. My e-mail was down at work all week and the IT guy had to finally come in and fix it. All week I would ask her every morning if she was getting e-mail.Yes, she would tell me. I was out on Tuesday and one of the girls here in the office e-mailed her to do a task involving one of the patients assigned to me. She never completed the task. I know this because when I came back the next day she said something about it to herself but in the hopes that I would hear her and do it. I didn't rise to the bait so to speak by acknowledging that I heard her. I did it that day. My concern is that she never followed up on it. Then this morning she asked me if I got the e-mail from the girl. I told her no and asked when it was sent. She said the date and I said well, I wasn't here that day. Then she said well, I only got the e-mail this morning.My e-mail wasn't working last week either. Ya'll that really bothers me for 2 reasons,1) she never followed up on the task she was asked to complete. 2) she flat out lied about her e-mail. This is a new developement and I am so watching my back. Not that I haven't been doing that all along but a liar is a different thing. Remember that I cannot go to any of my bosses about this because I have been told by the DON and the Asst. Adm. that I am to expect nothing from her and to not worry about what she does or doesn't do and just do my work.Crap, now she is over there sighing and getting frustrated about her computer freezing up. Hello, we all know when that happens just shut it down and come back in! Dear God, help me please!


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Dooley Update

Dooley is fine and back to playing around. I met up with my cousin and aunt for lunch this afternoon. I had 2 margaritas with my meal(Mexican food) and then we went to Cabela's. For those of you who have never heard of Cabela's it is like a hunter's paradise.They have so many dead animals and they are all staged in scenes. Like the wolves are chasing the deer and the grizzly bear is eating a fish. That sort of thing. There are plaques beneath the animals that say Taken by so and so and then gives the date. Like they were merely taking a snapshot. It is macabre if that's how you spell it. Like it is weird and gross but at the same time you keep looking. They have a big game room with zebra,monkeys,(sorry Zambo)rhinos,elephants,tigers,lions,etc. Then there was this huge aquarium with catfish,bass,perch,trout,gar,all kind of fish. Big huge fish.They even had a waterfall in there. Gary, they had those croc shoes you like too. I bet there's one in the Houston area.I do not care for dead animals like that. My cousin and I kept saying that we guess it couldn't say murdered by so and so but that is more like it. It is every man's fantasy store. All we saw were men and more men so all in all it wasn't a bad place to be! Ok that's all I got!Going to bed. Night!


Friday, March 16, 2007

How will you die??

Ok I got this from Lynda's site, try it !Oh and remember to say a little prayer for Dooley who is in surgery this morning!

You'll die from an Unlikely Illness (like the plague).

You will unfortunately succumb to a random and unlikely disease. Only to find out after death that eating more broccoli would have cured you.

'How will you die?' at


Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'll Manage

I am back at the "w" today.The Talker tells me that she did miss me because she had more work to do and she also said,wait for it.. she said it was a lot quiter in here without me. She said she was able to get more done with less chatter!Less chatter! oh my God!!Yes, she did just say that to me. I am ignoring her as she self implodes over there about getting a Dr. from a city clinic on the phone! Good luck with that! She has taken to getting all pissy when she is busy and people keep coming at her from all sides. This job is all about multitasking!You can be working on an order some nurse has just shot back at you with med changes and calendar changes to name a few when the phone rings and it is a Dr office with an order on another patient or wanting some lab work faxed to them that was done a month ago and some nurse standing at your desk telling you about the new admit patient who needs to be reported to Adult protective Services all at once. It is a little overwhelming to say the least but getting all flustered and telling everyone that you cannot help them or that you are too busy to listen to them is unacceptable. While I was gone my psycho boss had to actually come into the office and sit at my desk and work beside her. I wonder how that went down. I am so dying to know but have no way of finding out!
Tomorrow is the big day for Dooley. I am a little worried because I know little dogs can be tricky with the anesthesia. I have to drop him off first thing in the morning.He can't have anything to eat or drink after 7pm tonight. My cousin bought the dogs soem do-nut holes yesterday. Thye love do-nut holes. I don't think Dooley ever had them before. He could only eat 1 to their 4 so he didn't get but maybe 2 or 3 but oh my did he love them so much!I will go home tonight and take him something special to eat for dinner. I hope he can forgive me. But, being home with him the last 2 days and it was raining and the dogs spent the majority of the time in the house, I did see some puddles where he must have hiked a leg. I haven't been putting the belly band on him lately because he was being so good.Dooley!
South by Southwest starts today. The Austin Music Awards were last night. Patrice Pike won performer of the year! Yea, Patrice! There isn't a hotel/motel room within a 50 mile radius of this town this week. The nice thing is the traffic for me going to work is light because of the spring break in the morning. I will have to see how it goes for the evening drive home. The festivities start around 6pm I think.There is some free concerts too. I have to see who is playing though. I think they are playing down on Town Lake because I saw stages being put up down there on my way to work this morning. Maybe I will go if it is someone I like or sounds interesting. Okay, now she is spazing out and I have to help her get through this or her head will start spinning around. Bless her heart. It is too hard for her. Am I the only one who gets it?


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I have been home all day. I took the day off to spend with my cousin who was supposed to come down from Dallas but I ain't heard from her yet. I have been cleaning up the house instead. My cousin Linda ( my roommate) is also off and she has a friend who came into town today to visit. She is a good friend of Linda's and will be staying with us for 10 days. I think Linda said they are going to Hot Springs Ark. over the weekend. I am not sure why but they are. Every room in our house is now clean except for the room of pain and well, my room. I will continue to work on it but I am done for today. I scrubbed the floor,tub,toilet,sink, everything in my bathroom. I even bleached the bathmat in the tub!I found a dog turd in my closet way back in the back. It was ancient but still. EWWWW!!!Dooley! My cousin calls him shithead!Haha when she is gone for a few days he will get mad at her and he will go take a shit in her room. It is her won fault. I have told her to keep her door shut! God, I hate that about him. He is having surgery on Friday. He is getting neutered. I want him to have a good time at the weenie festival and I think if he is fixed he will be in a better mood. I saw how those little male dogs acted last year.Ok, I gotta go get ready for AI!! Who goes home tonight?


Monday, March 12, 2007

Oh Fuck !

Okay so today I am sitting at my desk trying to do my thing and ignore the constant chatter coming from the talker to my right. I hear her talking on the phone to someone but not really paying attention and she gets off the phone and says to me"That was a dr. office calling about a patient we no longer have on service. They said she fell and wanted us to send a nurse out to check the patient out. But, I told her we were no longer seeing this pt and I couldn't send a nurse out to see her just because she fell. You need to send her to the ER or something like that"I said" Oh no a fall will get us out there! Of course we can send the nurse out there!Call that Dr. office back and tell them we are sending someone out right now!" She looks at me and says "well the last name starts witha R so that is one of your pts!"In other words, I fucked this up for you so take it and run!I went and spoke with the scheduler and she cleared a nurses' schedule up to go out but the Dr office called back and told us they had called another agency and never mind. In other words, ya'll fucked up and we found another agency who doesn't have their head up their ass!I went to my psycho boss and told her all this and more like how all the nurses call me instead of her because she is no help! She told me not one of them has come to her with any complaint! WTF!!! So, it makes me look like I am the one with issues! that is it! Like it or not the nurses will have to deal with her and if it is a problem they will have to talk to my boss about it not me!I also found out that the new office space which is double the space we have now I have to share a fucking office with her. She told me we will have a partition between us!I am so very dissappointed people! The only thing keeping me going for the last 3 months has been knowing they were building out new spaces upstairs. I cannot stay with this dumb ass bitch another minute much less for fucking ever!!!I am under the impression my boss is trying to get me to either quit or go crazy and be fired!!Unfuckingbelieveable!This dumb fuck has no accountability!Hold on she is asking me another dumb shit for brains question! OMG! She never fails to amaze me! I know no one is that fucking stupid! I mean I have met retards with more higher brain function!I am going to hell in a bucket of chicken for cursing an old lady but fuck fuck fucking fuck! Fuck me running she gets on my very last good nerve! I am so thinking now that my only choice is to go back out in the field!But then I would have to deal with her like the field nurses do .No wait they don't deal with her they fob it all off on me! Well, this is a come to Jesus call honey!!! Either they deal with her or report her to the boss! Bullshit that I go to the boss and am told she has had no complaints whatsoever from any of the nurses!Wait, I think I just busted a blood vessel in my brain and yep,I think my stomach is starting to bleed! now, I know why people drink on the job!


Friday, March 09, 2007

Cowboy Breakfast

Today there was a big sunrise breakfast with pancakes, bacon, eggs, biscuits, gravy, sauage,and tortillas.Plus coffee and orange juice and milk for the kiddos. All free. It is the kick off of the rodeo in town and I was lucky enough to get in on it.There was a mess of people there too. Mostly cowboys and let me tell you something about cowboys ladies; they wear tight Wranglers with cowboy boots and the way they fit a butt is a sight to behold. I don't know if it is the fit or that and the little heel on the boot that makes it bootylisicious!All I know is like Martha says "It's a good thing!"
I had to do some insulin injection visits before coming into work this morning. There is some sort of virus going around and between that and nurses taking off for the spring break we are a little short.I am working the weekend too. Just some AM/PM diabetics. It means getting up early but I don't mind that so much except for this morning I woke up at 5:30 because Dooley had to go pee. My alarm was set for 6am.I was tossing and turning anyways.I haven't been sleeping well lately either. My shoulder hurts when I lay down. I have a torn bicep tendon.I talked with one of the physical therapists and she showed me some exercises to do to strengthen the arm. I do okay during the day but at night when I lay down it falls either forward or backward. Either way it hurts and I cannot get comfortable!!It is hell when you get old! I tore it carrying in the groceries! No kidding! I had too many bags in my hand and when I swung them all up on the counter I felt it go POP! Son of a bitch!
Last night I dreamed about the Rat bastard and it was a good dream.We were together and having fun and when I woke up I was crying. Not because of my shoulder either!I think maybe I am missing having someone in my life to be in love with. I miss that for sure but then the thought of meeting someone and having to get to know them and have them get to know me is daunting. I mean it is a big investment and with my track record they will only end up hurting me in the long run. Fatalistic view?? Maybe, but realistic in my opinion. I know some people are secure in their relationships and believe me, so was I. I just think that I am one of those people who is not meant to be with someone. I was with him for almost 10 years. I have friends who have kids who weren't married that long! I would love to find someone to share my life with but since there are no guarantees in life I am afraid to persue this trail of thought. I guess I am still hurting from the last bounce!
Another reason I dreamt about him maybe because the sheriff's deputy woke me up yesterday morning looking for him. He has a warrant out for his arrest. They were very nice when I went to the door. They said they had a warrant and I assumed they meant a search warrant and I threw back the door and said "you are more than welcome to come and look but he ain't here. He hasn't lived here in 17 months! I don't know where he lives now." I did tell themn where he works. Hey, fuck him man. Did you not get the part about the cops being at my house yesterday morning? Rat Bastard! Change your freaking address already! I asked what the offense was but they wouldn't tell me.You would think I would gather some satisfaction in knowing that at any time they could pull him over and arrest him or better yet go to his work and arrest him. But not so much! Well, maybe just a little bit!Alright, before I get back to the "w" I have a quizz for you:
I am going to give you a line from first a movie and then from a song and you have to guess the movie and song.
1)It's a fool who looks for logic in the chambers of a human heart. What movie is this?
2)And every day, I'd laugh the hours away
Just knowing you were thinking of me. What song is this and who sings it?

Good luck!! And have a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Computer Guy

We are in the process of having new offices built out upstairs in this building. The company's computer guys are here today working on the lines upstairs. I wonder if they are looking at me typing this right now. I am on a coffee break so no worries. It ain't like I am surfing for porn! Today is beautiful! I have this bubbling up feeling in me that wait a minute feels like happiness! For no good reason just happy although the talker could put an end to all that! Naw,it is too nice a day. Okay nothing really to say except that I wanted to note that today I am happy and it is a Tuesday! Go figure. Hope you have a happy day too.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Is is Spring Yet?

It is beginning to look a lot like Spring around here. I have some hyacinth in my front flower bed. I don't have pictures of them yet but will take some this week. They smell wonderful. I plan on working a litle bit every afternoon in my yard. I have a lot of debris from the leaves to clean up. I haven't seen the tulips yet. My rose bush needs to be trimmed up as well.I bought Dooley a little outfit yesterday at Target. It is a fishing vest and cap! OMG! So adorable but it was too small. Dang it! I am taking it back. But, I am still ordering the outfit off the internet for the parade. My office mate has gone to the dentist. Hooray! Maybe he will numb her up so good she won't be able to talk.That is all I have to say about her!I have got the don'ts! You know when you don't want to do anything. I got it bad!!I have company coming in to see me this weekend. My cousin is coming in from Dallas. She will stay in Wimberly but she will be in Austin during the day. I am taking one of the days off to be with her and her grand daughter. I have to go to the post office and mail a package off to my friend Cory in Melbourne. Cory, I am so sorry but I found this package in the trunk and it should have been mailed months ago! Luckily there is nothing perishable in there! What a stoogehead move on my part. Here comes the boss gotta look busy!


Monday, March 05, 2007

More Monday

This morning it was cold. I had to throw Dooley out in the cold this morning wrapped in a hot towel from the dryer. I have been looking for a costume for him for the parade. I found one that is an Elvis costume. OMG! Ya'll I have to get it. I am ordering it on line and as soon as it gets here I will post a picture! He is so gonna hate it! I am going to find a big black wig and go as 'Cilla!I am in the process of re-financing my house again. The one from last year was a band-aid loan to get my finances in order. I have managed to increase my credit rating by 100 points. That is major and now I can get a fixed rate at 6%.What this all means is I will probably die owing money on this dang house! I am hoping to get a little money back so I can get my other bathroom fixed. Always something! I need a boyfriend who is also a contractor! Or a plumber!Or an electrician ! Those guys make the bucks! I need the hook-up!


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Almost everywhere you look in this city you will see art. It is constantly appearing and changing. This is a mural in south Austin. March is a busy month for us. There's the South by Southwest film festival,South by Southwest music festival, and the NRA Rodeo. I am probably leaving out some sports something or other. But, the point is there will be a ton of people in town. This is good for the local merchants and bad for the residents. It won't affect me too much since I work on the other side of town from all the events and also I think U.T. has spring break the same week of the music festival. That means less traffic if the schools are out. I am working again this weekend. I haven't been sleeping well lately. I get sleepy and fall asleep okay but about 3am I wake up to pee or just to be awake. I lay there and try to slip back asleep but it ends up being that almost asleep thing where you keep looking at the clock every hour or two. I hate that. I have some Ambien. I am going to take a nice hot bath tonight and have a pill. I am sleepy now but by the time I need to go to sleep I will be wide awake!Reading makes me sleepy too. What makes you sleepy?


Friday, March 02, 2007

Working on the Weekend

I am seeing patients this weekend. I saw patients weekend before last and today when I looked at my paycheck it was the same old amount. No extra pay for the weekend visits!!Hello, I am not doing this for the fun of it. I need the $$. Dooley has to get neutered and well before the big race. I was hoping to get him fiexed this coming week but now he will have it done on the 16th. The race is the 28th of April. I am thinking he will be healed up for that. He is so cute! The nurse I got him from came into the office this morning with a little boy puppy. He was 8 weeks old. He is light brown and white they cal it piebald and has little dappled spots of chocolate brown. Lewis my dear friend and the co-daddy of Akasha and Lestat bought him. His name is Mork and Adrian the other co-daddy of the Akasha and Lestat is buying his sister who looks the same and her name is Mindy!I am thinking of dressing Dooley up like Pee Wee Herman for the parade. Akasha and Lestat are going as Lucy and Ricky.I am undecided though. Any good ideas as to what I can dress Dooley up as for the big Weenie dog parade?


Thursday, March 01, 2007

American Idol

Ok I love the girls this year! The boys are boring but the girls rock!I love Lakisha,Melinda, and Stephanie! But that little 17 yr. old Jordin is really good too and the last girl that sang last night was also great. I know of at least 4 girls I think will go all the way. Out of the boys I only like the little chubby guy Chris Sligh and the other Chris that sings like Justin Timberlake and I only like him because he reminds me of one of my cousins kids. I fell asleep watching Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? I am ! But hello some of those yahoos not so much!People will go on TV for just about anything won't they? So, who is going home tonight? I am thinking the Indian guy and Antonella for sure. It really doesn't matter they will all go home and Lakisha will win!!


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