Thursday, July 01, 2010

July 1,2010

Here I am back in the office for a few days. It is cloudy and rainy today. Alex is making it's way to the Texas coastline and we will get some of it here too. We need the rain for sure. Now, let's dish. Right before my vacation I met this guy at a red light. He was cute and friendly and we ended up pulling over and chatting and exchanging phone numbers. He called me several times a day wanting to have coffee, drinks, movie, whatever before my trip. I put him off till after I got back from vacation. He told me he was a contractor and flipped houses. He had a job,truck, his own house, so he said. Sounds great right? Anyways, when I got back he would call me but only in the daytime and never at night or on the weekends. Sounding fishy yet? So, I asked him about it and he said he works so hard all week that he sleeps the weekend away. Whatever! Also, he was really fuzzy about his personal life. like where he lived, first he said he lived in Lakeway out by the lake then he said he lived on the other side of the dam so that would be like Cedar Park, Lago Vista, out that way. Then, he said he lived in Bastrop which is no where near the lake. When I asked him about that he said he owned 2 houses because he was living in one of the flipper houses till it sold.Okay, so everything can be explained away but there was always this nagging feeling in the back of my head saying this guy ain't right. So, anyways, he came over one evening and was all over me. I had to literally fight him off. I told him I wasn't that kind of girl an asked him if he wanted me to be that kind of girl and he said no. Then, I didn't hear from him for a couple of weeks. I kind of blew him off thinking hey I ain't no holla back girl!So, last week he calls me and says he has been thinking about us. He said he realized he had not been giving me enough attention and he wanted to rectify this by taking me out. I said ok sure why not. He called and made a date for dinner but never showed up. Then he called 2 days later saying he wanted to see me and I met up with him in the parking lot of a bowling alley for a chat. He said he was sorry and had been out of town working. He said he wanted to take me out so then Tuesday he called me during the day. It was raining really hard and he said he was done for the day. He came over to the house around 5pm. He came in, sat down, and immediately started trying to make out with me! I reminded him that I had not changed my mind that we needed to slow down and take it easy get to know each other,etc. He said we had known each other for over a month now.Whatever! I ain't going for it. HE said to me "so, that's it" I said yep that's it and y'all he got up and started to leave. I said what so if I don't fuck you, you are going to leave? He said he had to get back to work. I said bullshit, it is raining. he said I left the gate unlocked at the job site. he said I will call you later. I said don't bother. he said no you are upset. I will give you a few days TO COOL OFF AND CALL YOU. I SAID, NO, DON'T BOTHER i WILL NOT CHANGE MY MIND. What an asshole! He told me he was Brad Cook and he was born and raised in Hawaii on Maui. He also told me he had been married in the past, had 5 grown children that lived in Hawaii. He said he had a girlfriend a few years ago but they had split up. Yesterday, I was sitting at the computer at work and thought hey I will run his phone number and see what it shows up. Yea, it comes up as a number for a Regena Smith who lives in Hutto a small town outside of Austin and a guy named Jose Sandoval who lives in South Austin! Ok, so I know I am not talking to him again! What a DICK!Hell, he could be a serial killer for all I know! I can sure pick 'em! I was minding my own business when he spoke to me! I guess no matter how old I get I will always have that sign on my forehead saying "all whacko come to me! "Man, I gotta get that sign removed!



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I think you had a lucky escape, Poody!

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