Thursday, April 22, 2010


I so need a real vacation and in just 3 weeks I am going on one! I am going to Alabama. I know -what the fuck?? But really, they have a beautiful coastline and also Sherry lives in Alabama! I am hoping to talk her into coming down for a visity while I am there. My sister,Anna, my good friend,Debbie,her husband, Foots, her sister Helen , and Helen's grown daughter, KJ are all going. We have rented a beach house on a small island off the coast of Alabama Dauphen Island or maybe it is Dauphin Island... Anyways, we have rented a house right on the beach 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms and you open the door and you are on the beach! I know it sounds wonderful! A whole week. I leave May 15th and will stay till the following saturday which is I believe the 22nd! The only drawback is the stairs I will have to navigate since the house is on stilts! There are no restaurants or fast food jpints and there is a little store where you can get a $6 loaf of bread so each person is resposible for 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner for everyone. my cousin linda is making her famous chicken salad for me to take along and that will be my lunch for the day! I plan on sitting on the big covered porch every morning with a cup of coffee and bailey's. Maybe kaluha.. or both. I plan on switching to vodka and diet cherry 7 up for the afternoon! I got a new camera and plan on taking tons of photos! 21 more days! Oh yeah! My sister calls me almost every day to tell me what she has bought for us to take! I love her so much! Oops looks like the boss is back from her meeting I gotta go act like I'm busy!



Blogger Cyndy said...

A holiday, Poody: that's wonderful. It sounds like you will have THE best time.

I'd have the Baileys AND te kahlua, in any order you might like.

Have fun! xoxoxox

6:50 AM  

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