Friday, September 03, 2010

September Already?

I have not been on here in a while. My friend Jana had her 50th birthday party at the end of July and we all had a great time. We had a big pool party and all the "clits" did a synchonized swim routine for her. go here to watch it. It took about 2 months of practice to do it. Her daughter Kaylee is first up with her rap about her mama. Jana is the one in the pink tye dye clothes. See if you can figure out which one is me. We had a blast doing it.
All except for one of the girls who is not even in it because she decided to throw a big hissy fit the night before and stomp off after screaming at everyone and calling me a fucking bitch to which I took offense and almost had to pull out a can of whip ass on her crazy butt! She is a manic depressive and thinks it is socially acceptable to scream and rant and rave if it will get your way. I have seen it about half dozen times already and was in no mood to put up with that shit. So now, needless to say she has unfriended me on Facebook. Wah! Give a shit! NOT! But, the fallout of it that 2 of the other girls have decided to not talk to me either. One is the skinny clit in the video and the other is the girl who goes under and kicks her legs in the air. She actually told me she was dissappointed in the way I handled the situation and asked me not to call or text her. Whatever! I am not gonna be chastised for standing up for not only myself but the rest of those bitches. No love lost over the crazy ass bitch and the skninny one is talking to me again but the other one still bothers me only because I thought we were best friends. Apparently not though. I do not abide by conditional love from anyone. You either love me or hate me. I am loyal to my friends and will give her the benifit of the doubt but I am sure as hell not going to reach out to her. She put me in time out so to speak. But, sadly enough, I am not missing her so much either. I mean, out of sight out of mind right? Ok so enought of my whining. Enjoy the show!



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