Monday, October 25, 2010

October update

Ok, so here it is already October. It has been 5 yearas since the Rat bastard and I broke up and I have only dated one other guy who truned out to be a Rat bastard as well. I am giving up on the whole dating thing. I am not into shaving my legs and pubes for a man anyways. Plus, I am 53 years old now and I am not looking to impress anyone but myself. I bought myself a new couch. $3300. It is beautiful and I had it special made from the factory. It has a bit of a curve to it. It is big 8ft.11in. long. It is brown velvety feeeling materail. The matching pillows are the exact same blue,brown and green on the walls. I am so proud! Let's see what has happened since my last post. I didn't go to the ACL fest this year. Tickets sold out fast and I was not physically up for it either. I did go see Michael Frante and Spearhead though and they were great!I have been working on organizing my closet in the bedroom. I am such a messy pertson that if I do not keep things where they belong they would be scattered for here to there and everywhere in between! We spent weekend before last working on the yard. Picking up debris form storms etc. The dogs like to steal things and carry them outside to tear up like trash bags etc. I am on call for Halloween which sucks since it is my favorite holiday! How about those Rangers? Going to the world series! Yeah Texas! My alcoholic brother was admitted to the hospital last Friday for blood poisoning or sepsis from an infection in his foot that he will not take the correct traetment for. He checked hiself out AMA. It is only a matter of time before I get the call that he is dead. He is such a drain on the family as is. My mom is half crazy with worry. Every time someone calls from Fort Worth I know it is THE CALL. I know it sounds cruel but we have been dealing with his bullshit for too long. Alcoholics are selfish people who think only of themselves. I love him but hate his ways. I am working in the office this week which seems to be the only time I get to blog. I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done. I only have 3 more presents to get. It feels good too! I plan on going home this year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I haven't been home for Christmas since 2005. My cousin JB remains seriously ill. He is home now still with a trach on oxygen and he is so thin he looks like an Auswich survivor! He has a tube in his stomach for feeedings and a huge wound from pressure on his butt. I help out as much as I can but his wife is such a trooper. She is with him constantly. She told me once she loves him so much and cannot even think of life without him. I continue to pray for him. Speaking of which I have been going to church lately. I go with my cousin Linda to the 7:30 am sunday mass. I figure I go that early I can't be sinning before time. But then again it is me we are talking about. Well, that is all I can think of except the big dogs turned 12 this week. It is hard to believe but they are old. Osa can hardly hear anymore and Chula has poor eyesight. If they were human they would be on Medicare! They have arthritis ,like me. It is hell getting old.



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