Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The "W"

I hate my job. I swear I do. I have so many fucking bosses it is not even funny. Just this afternoon I had a P.T. supervisor come in and tell me to call a Dr office because the therapist who was scheduled to admit a pt and she had decided after talking to a neighbor on the phone that the pt was in dire need of a nurse. Mind you she did not go see the pt. but was able to make an informed decision over the phone that she would not be able to admit this pt. Amazing powers of triage! Needless to say I was less than happy to be bossed around by a Physical Therapist! Especially when the only reason I was given for the therapist not admitting the pt. was because she felt a nurse was needed. Fuck the fact that the Dr. just saw this pt. yesterday and she didn't feel a nurse was needed. So, I tell the therapist that is was frustrating to me when she doesn't communicate with me and I also voice my wonderment at her ability to triage over the phone without ever seeing or talking to the pt. She is a fussy little bitch who has reported me to my boss before for cutting her off when she goes on and on over the phone. She is a talker too. All I want is the facts and those need to be put in a nutshell. I really am not concerned with the fact that when she sees someone they have on perfume that makes her sick or the little dog at so and so's house is just like the one her Granny had! Hey that's just me!After she left my office she called me later to say that she had spoken with the caregiver for this pt. and that she painted a completely different picture than the neighbor had. She had the gall to say to me so I can admit this pt but not until tomorrow. See, the real reason she didn't want to admit this pt is she was already seeing a lot of people and she didn't want to work too late today! She told me that! OMG!!!!That way gets up my nose! Therapist make more money than the nurses and some of them flat out refuse to admit pts. they want the paperwork to be done up for them by the nurse! So, now, I have to try to explain to the Dr office why we are not following the plan of care on this pt. What do I say? The therapist feels you don't know shit and want the nurse to admit this person.So, then wait it gets better. My boss calls me to tell me to tell the Dr office when they call back that the therapist was busy and unable to admit this pt today but that they will admit tomorrow.Nothing like making me look like an idiot! God just keep me from spewing any venom on anyone and let me get the hell out of here and go on home! On the plus side (is there one?) I did manage to go for a walk at the nearby mall on my lunch break.Now, I do not have to go to the gym and break anything or go swimming. I can just go home and watch American Idol. I am so frustrated!!!! Maybe I need sex!! I mean I have not had sex in almost 19 months! Damnation! I am a born again virgin! Somebody call Jimmy Swaggart!OMG I am listening to the talker's phone conversation. She is talking to someone who is calling and asking if we can change a IV pain med pump. She is telling them that the pt can do that no nurse is needed. Idiot! Like a person who needs IV pain medicine would be allowed to have access to her pain pump. Those things are locked for a reason. Whatever! I am not in the mood to correct her stupid ass today!The bosses think she is all doing fine but she has yet to enter a referral without my assistance hellfire, she even asks me how to print coordination notes! But the pisser is she is not stupid. One day she asked how to go about setting a pt up for an overnight oximetry. I told her the steps she would need to follow to do this. She listened to me and when she figured out I was not going to do it for her she said to me"Oh that sounds too involved. I am going to call this company and act like I don't know how to do it and see if they will do this for me" Yep, she said to ME!! Ever since then, I just look at her blink twice and go back to work when she asks me the same shit over and over again. "Is there an ICD code for a fall?" "I don't know, is there?"God, give me patience to keep from killing her. Good thing I don't work for the post office!


An Old Friend Found

The other day I went to my old high school website. Keep in mind there was no such thing when I was in high school. Anyways, I went and looked up my graduating class and there was only one other classmate who had been there. Ruthie is her name. I went to a country school and by the time I was in Jr. High we had consolidated with another country school. I remember being in the gym at assembly and seeing all the new classmates. There was a girl my age with blondish hair pulled up in a yarn ribbon. She had on a pink dress and was quiet, sitting all alone. I went over and introduced myself to her. She was not like the other kids and they were not kind to her. Not mean but really just ignored her ,which we all know is tantamount to death as a teeenager! I remember one time going home to spend the night with another girl and the bus stopping the next morning at her house. It was still dark out and you could see the light from the kitchen coming through the cracks of her house. The kids on the bus made fun of her for being poor.I remember thinking how stupid it was to think she was any different because she was poor. She didn't fit into the crowd. She was quiet but not meek as I recall. I remember someone trying to bully her and she stood her ground. I know that while I never was cruel to her I was not as nice as I should have been either. I was scared too though. I was a fat kid and fit in because I was funny. I never had the dates or was popular like that. I always wondered what happened to Ruthie. For some reason, I always pictured her home life as bad. I have no idea if it was or not. Anyways, I reached out to her and lo and behold she emailed me back! She was rail thin in school but has blossomed into a beautiful woman.(she sent pictures) She says she has been married a few times and has children and grandchildren to boot and she lives about 3 hours away from me and works in the healthcare field as well. I hope to keep in contact with her not only because we are from the same place but because she is someone I always wanted to know better. I wonder what she thinks of me. Was I as cruel as the other kids?


Monday, February 26, 2007

Chris Daughtry Concert

The concert was so good friday night! Ithought all the "clits" were going but some of them didn't get their tickets in time and they were sold out. There were 3 bands palying before he came out and remember I have the BAD KNEES! They are still hurting today! I sat thru the first 3 bands though but he was so good! He played all his songs from his album and then 2 cover songs! He said he had never played in front of such a big crowd. About 3000! The night was perfect. Not too hot or cool. After we got out and were on the way home Kelly's husband called he had come late and was in his own car. He told Kelly he had gotten her Chris' autograph! She was excited and went home to "do it"! LOL I never heard from her after that and hope she is ok!I spent the rest of the weekend at the house doing very little because my knees were so sore! I am going swimming this evening when I get off work!I wish I could get up early enough in the morning to go then. I am going to try very hard to do just that this week.


Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Question For President Bush

Why are the soldiers who die in hospitals after being injured in combat not counted among the casualties of war? I was reading over at Mother Jones' blog about how this one civilian nurse who worked at a military hospital asked someone this very question and guess what she did not get an answer but she does not work there anymore either! Go figure! How appripo that I shoud read this on Mother Jones' blog being as the historaical Mother Jones would certainly like to know the anwer to this question were she alive today. I know as a nurse the way the things go like for example: people rarley die from cancer but rather from complications surounding the said cancer. Like they die after the bowel obstruction following the big surgery they had to de bulk the tumor. Or they don't die from AIDS but they do die from the luekemia the patient acquired.I guess it is the same way for the war dead. I just wonder how the fallen soldier would look upon something like that. So, if you go to war and get shot up like, not quite dead, but almost dead and they manage to get you into a hospital bed then ,if you die later on, then you did not die in service but rather as a complaication of something after the tour of duty?I think this is a question I will write my congressman and ask of him. I really want an answer to this question because it bothers me a lot. How about you?


Women Who Read

One morning, the husband returns the boat to their lakeside cottage
after several hours of fishing and decides to take a nap. Although not
familiar with the lake, the wife decides to take the boat out. She motors
out a short distance, anchors, puts her feet up, and begins to read her book. The peace and solitude are magnificent.
Along comes a Fish and Game Warden in his boat. He pulls up alongside
the woman and says, "Good morning, Ma'am. What are you doing?
"Reading a book," she replies, (thinking, "Isn't that obvious?") "You're
in a Restricted Fishing Area," he informs her.
"I'm sorry, officer, but I'm not fishing. I'm reading." "Yes, but I see you have all the equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment. I'll have to take you in and write you up." "If you do that, I'll have to charge you with sexual assault," says the woman."But I haven't even touched you," says the Game Warden.
"That's true, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you could
start at any moment." "Have a nice day ma'am," and he left.
MORAL: Never argue with a woman who reads. It's likely she can also


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fat Tuesday

Okay so I went to see my regular family type Dr last week for a physical. Well, when I got on the scale I was very bummed out. I am fatter than I have ever been in my life. So, I decided that I need to get moving. I have been taking my lunch so as not to eat junk food for lunch. I have been cooking healthy food at home too. But the problem is I need to exercise to get this blubber off. I belong to a gym, I mean they take money out of my checking account every month and I was going to swim. But, you can't free swim until after 7:30 pm. I have American Idol to watch people! So, I decide I will just go in and work out on some machine well, really just ride one of those stationary bikes for at least 20 minutes. So, I get in there and I sit on one of those bikes that has the pedals out in front. I start pedaling. My knee has a limited range of motion and every time it would flex it felt like a poker was stabbing it! I stayed on for 5 minutes and then got off and went to find something else to try. Every thing I looked at was either too low to the ground or something I couldn't do with the weak knee. I spotted a stationary bike with the pedals where they should be just a regular bike with a bit butt seat on it.Yeh! I went over and sat on it but the pedals were way up by my butt! I scooted back on the seat to see the pedals and tumped the whole thing backwards and fell off hitting the floor with a blam!I was so mortified! Now, folks usually I would get up laughing and go about my business but I had already spent the day with the Talker in my ear and I was already bummed and hurting after the 5 minutes on the other bike. I was once again that freaky 10 year old 5 foot 9 inch 130 lb. kid again that everybody made fun of! All I could think was keep it together and get out! I lumbered up off the floor and went to the locker room, grabbed my stuff and left! I got to my car and sat there bawling my eyes out! I felt so overwhelmed and helpless and like a big old loser! I know, I know, wallowing in self pity never got anyone anywhere but dang it I couldn't help myself!My phone rang and it was Jana who said "what are you doing?" "I am sitting in my car bawling!" "Why honey what is wrong?" I told her the story and she starts laughing. Then I start laughing! "So, what are you gonna do?" "I guess I will go back tomorrow and try the treadmill. Although I have never been on a treadmill before. Maybe I can stay on for 7 minutes before I fall off or break something!" "There ya go girl! They can't keep a fat girl down!" I felt better after that and went on home to take a shower and get ready for Idol. Jana called me later on that night and said she had told her husband Dale about my trip to the gym and he said "Not on Fat Tuesday!" I said Good day!


Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday Morning

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I worked all day Saturday seeing patients. I loved every minute of it. I got up about 6am to see the AM diabetics. These are easy visits. The pts. I saw, two of them anyways, live in the same assisted living facility. The hardest part is getting someone to open the door for you that early. Why old folks have to get up so dang early I will never know.One of the patients is a little old man who is a retired pharmacist. Mac we call him. He uses a scooter to get around and once I was done with him he took off to his place at the breakfast table. Next I was up to see the Emogene. She likes to sleep in, by that I mean I woke her up at 6:30 AM. She is a sweetheart who loves to play dominoes even though she is blind in one eye and can't see out the other! She was snuggled in her bed and I was sorely tempted to say shove over and let me in! I left there and headed to Hilda's house (another diabetic) she lives with her grand daughter who gets her up every morning and gets her breakfast ready for her. We provide her with insulin injections becasuse the grand daughter cannot stand the sight of blood. She lives in a house that was built in the 50's and has that great architecture of that era. She has a hefty collection of plates on the wall. I love to go and look at them all. She offered me some coffee and a muffin. I sat and visited with them for a while before I scooted down the road to see Ms. Marie. She is a little lady who lives in another assisted living facility but not a diabetic. She gets an injection of a medication that is for osteoporosis. These old folks snap like twigs when they hit the floor. One good thing about being a big girl all my life is that my bones are dense and can take a bump or 2 before cracking. She has a patio that looks out on a green belt and we sat out there and looked at the deer that come up to feed at her little makeshift feeder for them. They are majestic.Also saw some cardinals! Of course there were lots of squirrels. She loves them and they will eat out of her hand! The weather was just gorgeous! I next went out to the country to see a guy who has a nasty wound on his leg. He cut it on some barbed wire while getting one of his calves out from under some brush/downed fence. He is a big old cowboy who lives with his little wife who is always in the kitchen cooking up something or other. That day she was cooking a chicken spaghetti dinner to take to church that evening. She also makes quilts and we sat and she showed me the latest one she was working on. They have no children. They did have a son who was killed in Viet Nam. I think there is a nephew or niece somewhere in the background. The city of Austin has decided to claim imminent domain and they want the land they live on for a highway. They have had this property in their family for 6 generations. It is sad because the city will take their land and someday they will die and then it will all be lost. I don't think the nephew is interested in inheriting anything from them.
After that I was through for a while so I went to a few garage sales since it was only 10 am and I was up! No good finds though. I finished off the day by going back to see the diabetics for their dinnertime injections. Sunday I met up with Jan and we had breakfast tacos and went to Penney's where I got a new purse. Her birthday if today and she has the whole week off. I am hoping she will go with us to see Chris this weekend. Okay enough blabbering about nothing at all. Got to get back to work.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Yeah Friday!

It is so cold here this morning! I woke up to 28 degrees! I know my Canadian and New York friends are thinking What? But ya'll that is cold at the back door of hell! I have no cold weather clothes. I had to layer this morning and now I feel like Randy from The Christmas Story. My arms are stuck out to the sides of my body! I had to ask one of the girls I work with (a mom) to help me re-adjust my sweater!Yep, I'm a retard!Dooley on the other hand was anxious to get out there this morning and run around. I was going to keep him in the house but he went in his pup tent and I threw in 2 hot towels. He was rooting around in there when I left. Then this morning Adrian brought in the 2 weenie dogs Akasha and Lestat. They were in little sweaters too. I love those babies. He takes them to the nursing homes. They get him some referral too! Working dogs! The Talker is feeling much better and she is going ninety to nothing.I just smile and try to not listen because I have stuff to do. I plan on working this weekend to make some extra money.I can see some AM/PM diabetics and another patient for wound care. If I can do this every other weekend I can make extra $300/pay period. That will come in handy for bills and getting more work done around the house. I plan on going down to the river too to take some photographs of the smoke and ice. It was awesome this morning but I had the "w" to get to. I will post some pictures when I get them. My cousin's little dog Buffy is having a hard time too. She is so old, 17 yrs. That is old for a cocker spaniel. She can't see or hear and now her hips are so sore she chews at them. Linda, my cousin, is in a little denial about her condition. I told her today she really needs to take her to the Dr to at least get her something for pain. She has been giving her aspirin but last night she was dragging her right hind leg walking in circles. I know it is hard to realize that the dog needs to be put down but the fact she is in pain is hard to deny. I am trying to type this because the Talker is still going. GRRRRR!!!!! Skills Poody Skills!!! I am trying here folks!Okay that is enough, I got to get back to work. Everybody have a good weekend and stay warm.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Stubb's and Chris Daughtry

Ok as many of you know I am a music junkie! One of the main reasons I live where I live is because of the live music scene here.Ok so needless to say I know who is coming and when most of the time between myself and the people I know. Chris if you recall was the best singer ever on American Idol and I said then and I say it now I will stand to watch Chris in concert! Hell, I will dance all night to see him. Anyway, imagine my surprise as I was going to work one morning to hear that tickets had been sold out in a "presale" event at Stubb's. OMG!!!I was BUMMED!!So, fast forward to late Monday night I get a call from a "clit" Kelly who is telling me to quick to go Ebay because tickets are on there for the Stubb's show. Sure enough there they were, 2 for $69.00then with the shipping and handling blah,blah,blah it comes out to $72.Okay so I click on buy it now and pay pal it and it is a done deal. Yeh!! Then Kelly calls me back around 10:30 pm to say that she had gone on line to Stubb's just to see how much the tickets were originally and now they have them on sale for $20.So, WTF?? Why did she call me to tell me this? So, okay whatever.Anyways, another friend I work with Deborah wants to go see Chris so we go on line to get her ticket. There it was on Stubb's website for $20 then there was a service fee of $14.95 and then get this an either 1 day or 2 day delivery charge no will call or later as an option. She took the 2 day delivery as it was the least expensive for $15 making her ticket a grand total of $40. Wait, it gets better then when I get home and check my messages I see the seller of the tickets has sent me an email saying thanks for the quick payment and that he saw where Stubb's was selling more tickets for $20 and if I want he will refund me and I can get them there. I email him back saying that it was sweet of him but that I didn't want him to get stuck with the tickets and maybe he could just refund my account so where I had paid a total of $72.00 for 2 tickets from him he will give me back $22.00 thereby giving me 2 tickets for $50 which is a better deal than anyone else got!! HA!!!!!
I would like to give a big shout out to Big Baby Jesus for the karma factor! Am I good or what??


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Life in the Hood

I love my neighborhood. I really do. It is tri-ethnic and by that I mean we have all kind of people living there. I live next door to a family from Mexico. A real American dream family. They moved here and started a family. They are hard working blue collar folks like most of the other neighbors here. An elementary school sits at one end of the neighborhood and a middle school sits at the other end. In the evening, we all walk either the streets of the hood or at the track at the middle school. It is a community and we all know each other.Last night, around 11pm I was in my bedroom at the back of the house. Annette who lives down and across the street is a balck lady in her 50's I believe. She has M.S. and spends her time in bed. Her daughter looks after her and she also has a live in boyfriend. he comes home at 11pm. He always has his stereo pumped up with the bass as loud as possible. I along with all the other neighbors know when he comes home. Last night, I am sitting in bed watching Cartoon Network when he comes flying by the house with his jams on high. I hear the windows vibrate as they always do when crach, a picture is thrown off the wall. Oh no, not a good thing. I get out of bed and see that it is a poster of a volcano in Hawaii that has fallen and the glass is cracked. I put my jeans and shoes on and with the poster in hand head over to see them. I ring the doorbaell to which at first no one answers. I ring again and hear yelling for someone to get the door. The daughter opens the door and says "do you know what time it is?" I answer" I sure do it is the same time every night that the dudue gets home and wakes us all up with his stereo blaring". I then show her my busted poster with the cracked glass. She says hold up and calls for the boyfriend who then preceeds to tell me that he has been home all night and that it wasn't him who was blowing through the hood. I go outside and touch his car that is still hot t the touch and say"well, honey someone was driving it because it is hot and I know it was this car. He is still arguing with me and I say "turn the key and see is the stereo blasting" He does as told and before he can turn the stereo down it comes blasting out as loud as noon day in the summer. He looks at me sheepishly and says "sorry" I ask him why he would lie about this when we all know exactly when he comes home every night because he always has his music so LOUD!! He apologized and said he will turn it down from now on once he gets off the freeway. he also says he will replace the glass in the frame. That is all I wanted just a little respect when he comes home! LOL


Monday, February 12, 2007

Blast from the Past

I had a dream last night about something that happened to me a long time ago. I was about 13-14 yrs old.I was spending the night with my friend Connie whose mom worked night shift and we were left unsupervised. We went out one night with Bill Burdine(I had a crush on him) and his brother Joe and another guy named Yankee. We loaded up in the Vista cruiser and headed to the lake. They were going frog gigging. I had never done this before but the object is to take a burlap sack and a flashlight. 2 people go to one side of the bog and 2 more go to the other side with gigs. They run the frogs toward you with the gigs and you try to catch them in your bag. I was trying to catch those toads and stay out of the mud as much as possible when I tripped over what I thought at first was a log. It was stinky and fetid smelling like a bog is. I had my flashlight in my hand but when I stumbled it went flying. I picked myself off and turned around to get my light at the same time trying to hold my frogs in the sack. I picked it up and turned to flash it over the log I had tripped over so as not to re-trip over it. I looked down at the same time I was jumping over it and saw that it was not a log but a half sunk dead body. Well, the side of what looked like a arm and hip of a person in clothes that were tattered and torn. I took one look at that thing and dropped my bag of frogs and took off back to the station wagon screaming bloody murder the whole way. Once there I locked myself in the car and refused to let anyone in for a while. Back then, there was no cell phones so once they had talked me into letting them in the car we took off to find the nearest constable. Remember it is dark thirty and we are out in the boonies. We try to find someone to tell this to but end up riding all the way back to town and going to the jailhouse where there were a few deputy sheriff cars sitting around. First off, when they saw us coming in I guess we were a mess because they wanted to know right away where we had been and if we were alright. They called all the parents to come to the jailhouse which now when I think about it must have freaked them all out! I told my story and the boys we were with went back out with the deputies to find the body. They had run back down there once I told them to see it themselves before I let them back in the car. Now and again I have a dream about that night. It is always the same dream too. I am out there with my gunny sack and the frogs are croaking loud to beat the band, I trip over the log and look back to get up and put my hand on the body! I always wake up in a sweat! The dead guy was a fisherman who had gone missing a few months back and they had never found him. He had fallen overboard and drowned.I have this dream every so often and I wonder what sets it in motion. I wasn't upset about anything. Didn't watch any weird TV before bed or eat anything strange before going to bed. I will self medicate before going to bed tonight. I know I have Ambien somewhere in my cabinet of goodies.


Friday, February 09, 2007

Friday is here!

I just spent the whole week reading a blog by Jailbyrd. If you know of her she seems to be a nice girl who is having a bad time right now. I meant to tell her what my Australian friend has told me and that is this"If it has wheels or a penis it is nothing but trouble". Try to stop by and give her some support if you can! As for me, the talker is out today she is having her heart regulated and the psycho boss is out as well. I have my office to myself and I couldn't be happier. Busy yes but alone YES! noe rambling chaetter to annoy me! I have shit planned for the weekend but knowing the clits anythign can happen between now and then! I bought them all and myself as well brooches in the shape of martinis. they have a lot of bling on them and they love them.I am off to have a bite for lunch. Hope everyone has a great weekeend.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sitting Here Resting my Bones

I am at the "w" again. I am going to get in trouble one day for being on the computer and not doing the work thing. I liken it to my smoke break. This one lady smokes and she is outside every hour! She is only out there for 5 minutes but it adds up. I am only on here a few minutes at a time too. I will jump on when I am waiting for something or on hold with a Dr office or client. I think if myyself as sly because if someone comes up and looks at my computer I always switch to the work screen. My knee has been hurting badly. I haven't been taking any medicine for it because I am tired of taking medicine. Therefore, I am forced to use a cane at times to get up mostly. It is gold and we call it my pimp cane. I have added several names to my blogroll so if you are one of them know it is so I can sneak a look at your blog whilst at work because no way I can bookmark it on my computer at work. Home yes, here no!Not much to say today really. AI is on tonight and tomorrow night!Dooley is doing so much better with the belly band. He still gets it wet but better it than my house! At first he would fight me and then ignore me after he had it on. Now, he understands to come in the house he has to wear it. Only at night when we go to bed does he get to take it off.Oops, another boss just blew in. See ya'll


Monday, February 05, 2007

My visula DNA

I got this from Ms. Slushie. Try it and see how you fare.
Read my VisualDNA Get your own VisualDNA™


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Gladys In Austin

I am so totally computer stupid! I have been trying for an hour or so to put this lady up on my site but you will just have to go to the site itself. This lady is so typical of the ladies I see in home health. I think she may even be the neighbor of one of my patients.I love the elderly so much. Good thing because I am on my way to being one hopefully!
! Definitely sounds like a south Austin gal!


Ok so if you copy the above gibberish and then paste it in the search it will pull up what I want you to see. It is on youtube.Supposedly I can link to it but HONEY PLEASE !!!


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday Yeah!!

I am so glad it is the weekend!Jana and I are going to see Dreamgirls! I have been wanting to see this movie for a while. I love Jennifer Hudson. She was on AI !!! Guess being the idol isn't all that now because I have no idea what happened too the girl who won it that year. She had a squeaky voice but everyone loved her!Dooley is mad at me. I got this thing called a belly band. You know it holds his little weenie in place and thus no more marking my house! Anyways, he has to wear it when in the house. So, he is outside and now will not come in if it means I catch him and apply said band. Once he gets in and I have him banded he will sit across the room and skulk.It hurts my feelings but he has to learn!Off to the movies!$300 yard dog is you got it outside!


Friday, February 02, 2007

Work sucks

I just got an email from my psycho boss saying if I have more than 1 Dr appt. a month that I need to make them all on the same day and then take the day off!If I am seeing just 1 Dr then I have to see the Dr between 10am and 2 pm. Yeah ok let me tell the Dr when he will see me! I don't know about you but I take what I can get! This job is sucking more and more with every passing day! Yesterday, I was so on the edge that it was all I could do to get out of the office! I spent the whole time on the long way home singing really loud to the oldies. I know it sounds cheesy but somehow belting out an old Neil Diamond tune or a Beatles song is a great stress reliever. The station I listen to has crappy reception so it sounds like AM radio which is even better because those old songs sound the same as they did back then. I know a lot of you are going AM radio? Huh? I grew up in a small bible baptist belt town. At night I could get WLS coming out of Chicago! This was back when I was a Junior High Schooler. You know the age 13-15 yrs. old. I would literally be on my blue princess phone all night long! My friends and I would fall asleep listening to the smooth Motown sounds coming from the windy city!LOL! So, when I hear Smokey or Marvin singing it brings back those memories and those are good memories!I know I should find another job but the reality of selling yourself is overwhelming.I am no catch with all my ailments!Now, they are trying to backpeddle and shove the talker out the door. She has been having heart palpatations and she went to the Dr and she has to go in the hospital and stay for 3 days to be put on a heart medication that will regulate her heart. This is some serious stuff. My boss told her it was a bad time to take off because she is taking off then too! She actually wanted her to postpone getting her irregular heart taken care of! You know it is bad when I start to emphasize with the talker! I knew she was not right for the job. Told them that from the start. But now to treat her so badly... she said the boss told her she was going to hold off on doing her 90 day evaluation until she got out of the hospital. In other words, she will cut her some slack since she is being hospitalized. Mighty white of her I think!Man oh man!I need a drink already! I am so glad the weekend is coming up!Oops! here comes the boss now gotta go look busy!


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Let's Play a Game

Well, it has been an uneventful week for me. Just a lot of the same old bullshit. Work,home, and back to work. I did get a belly band for the little man. It is a band that goes across his belly covering up his little pee-pee. That way when he lifts that leg he doesn't piss the house up. He doesn't seem to mind it yet. Of course, he is outside today with the girls. No, he doesn't have to wear it outside!I also got one of those Floormate contraptions. It cleans hard floors and it is great. My kitchen floor never looked so good!It vacuums and then mops and dries the floors! See, I told you I was bored. The talker is still up my nose! She is still bothering the hell outta me. But, like a friend of mine says "If you have a problem solve it! If you cannot solve it, it is not a problem!"In other words, it is what it is and the problem is with me not her. She is not going to change so I must change the way I deal with her. Enough of her! This is all about me!
Since I am so boring today... let's play a game!I am going to give you a line to a movie and you tell me the name of the movie!
"Like living with a 6 year old!"


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