Wednesday, August 30, 2006

When the Levee Breaks

I have been trying to post but blogger is not letting me. Yesterday marked 365 days since the Rat Bastard told me he didn't love me anymore. I can't believe it has been a year. So many things have happened since then. Mostly wonderful things but change is hard even if it is for the good. Sometimes, I feel like nothing is the same and I need some stability in my life but then again I can do whatever I want. I can be anything or body I want to because I am FREE!! I was dealt a mortal wound that day and I remember thinking how foolish all this was because of the problems those poor folks in N.O. were going through. I threw myself into the relief effort probably to keep from hearing those words resonate in my brain. I am a totally different person than I was then. I feel different and wonder sometimes what I was thinking of being with a man who had no ambition and was causing such a struggle for me to just be. I am a professional. I don't make the best money in the land but I do ok. I make more than enough to get by. I make a good living by most standards but yet I chose to struggle with trying to support myself and the R.B. The things we do for love huh? Now that I no longer have that albatross around my neck I am no longer struggling. I can't tell you how good it feels to know I owe no one and that I no longer have to live paycheck to paycheck. I am not bragging mind you. I am just showing you how truly blessed I am. I am proud of myself if that is okay.They say pride goeth before a fall but I am still standing people.


Friday, August 25, 2006

Finally it's Friday!

God, I am so glad it is the end of the week.I have been so busy with the house and the new puppy. I know change is good for you but lately it seems as if everything has changed. I have a new puppy that is a big change. I moved from one office to another.It is a much nicer office with windows to the outside. I have been cleaning out my kitchen cabinets in order to get the new ones installed. I went with the cabinet guy to unpack and inspect the cabinets. They are beautiful and the counter top will be delivered the 6th of Sept. I started going to the gym to swim. What a nice thing to do for myself! I even have on new clothes. All of the sudden it is too much! Is there anything that remains the same? Is too much change a bad thing? Even if all the changes are positive ones? The answer is yes,it can be stressful. I sound as if I am never happy huh?I am getting my new AC installed tomorrow. I get all my cool stuff like solar screens and everything caulked and sealed on Thursday. I am taking Thursday off. Yep, the whole day. I hope they will come early and finish up before the afternoon but you never know. My boss gave me a card yesterday with a daschund and a german sherperd on it and you open it up and it says buddies forever. She is so psycho. I am a little scared of her. You never know which way the wind is blowing with her. She will tell you one thing and then expect something different. I am fairly easy to get along with. You tell me to do something and I do it.I don't ask questions because that is not what I get paid to do. But if you change how you want me to do something you best be telling me because I will continue ot do it the way you said you wanted it done. Is that so wrong? I hope not because that's how I roll. Me and the doggies. I left Dooley in the backyard with the big dogs this morning. I will go home for lunch about 2pm and let them in for the rest of the day. It will be too hot for them after that. Summer is coming to an end and here in central Texas all that means is it is gonna get a lot hotter before it gets cool. I hate September. it is the hottest time of the year. Talk about dog day afternoons. Gotta get back to the "w"


Thursday, August 24, 2006

So Long Patrice

I really like this girl. She has been around Austin for awhile and she is like so many other Austinites with a guitar. A singersongwriter. She has her own style and I agree with dave, she does need to take it on the road as a solo act. She is just that good. This however, was not her genre. She knew it I think too. I wish her luck and will be watching for her return to the venues here before she embarks on her fame and fortune.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Psstt, Hey I'm Over Here...

Well, here I am forced to hide from the wicked boss lady. Her supervisor calls her the dragon lady. Now I know why. I feel so free. I am not telling anyone but you guys about this spot. I have some friends who read my blog but I can always tell them anything they need to know. My ankle from when I fell Monday is still swollen and sore to walk. I was going to go swimming last night but opted for a bath,Vicodin, and propping my foot up. It isn't as swollen today but nonetheless it si sore. I am going to a free concert tonight. The city of Austin has these free Wednesday evenings well this year every other Wednesday. This week is the last one of the season. Joe Ely will be playing with Double Trouble. For those of you not familiar with Texas music Austin music in particular then you may not recognize any of these folks. Joe Ely is a rock a billy dude out of Lubbock. He is a great entertainer and Double Trouble consists of Tommy Shannon and Chris Layton who wer Stevie Ray Vaughns bandmates. If you don't know who Stevie is then quit reading this and go look it up you moron!!Anyway, it will be an enjoyable evening had by all. I am going with my friend Deb. They will have food and drinks for salew but I prefer a cooler with goodies from the fridge.
Who watches Rockstar Supernova? I am hooked and love to watch. I was sad when Zayada got cut because she was very entertaining and different. The song she did by Blue October was fantastic. If you want to know the words visit Glenda's blog. She has the words on there. I left Dooley home today with no restrictions. I mean the dude wil knock the puppy gate down after I leave anyways. Might as well cut out the middle man. I left all the dogs in today. It is going to be HOT today and they are inside with A/C running and ice water to drink. I know I am a crackpot but too bad. I love my animals and they love me and guess what? They never lie or cheat on me. They are always happy to see me. No hidden agenda with them. What you see is what you get. Too bad people can't be like that. It would truly be a better place if it were really a dog's life. How cool would it be if you could tell a man's character by smelling his ass rather than waiting for him to show it. Opps, here comes the dragon lady... not wait she is walking on by. Guess she heard me in here tyoing away and figured I was working. Yeh, right!! I am salaried so you will only get so much outta me for sure. I work to live not live to work. Right now, I am not feeling the work vibe. Just not in me today. I plan on fucking off the whole day if possible.


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