Saturday, October 25, 2008

Holidays are Closing in!

I have a love hate relationship with Christmas. When I was a kid being raised by my grandparents,for some reason, I was shipped off every Christmas to spend with my mom and her family. I absolutely hated it. My stepfather was mean spirited and treated me like shit. And then there were the children. My half sisters and brother.I adored my brother and got along well with my sister just under me but my other sister was 6 years younger than me and she was a monster child. Devious and petty she was the one who started each and every battle waged within that house. I was used to being the only child and didn't like being thrust into my "other"family especially during the holidays. Anyways, whatever, whatever. Let's move along shall we? I have been collecting doll heads now for a while and have amassed a sufficient quantity to do what I long ago planned and that is to have a anti Christmas themed tree. I have the rattiest nasty doll heads imaginable. Some of them are downright scary! The plan is to get one of those old aluminum trees you know the kind silver and the rattier the better I say. Then I hang the doll heads all over it and trim it in red lights! It is more of a conceptual idea I guess. Anyways, my cousin Linda of the turded pocket has told me she will move out if the offensive tree is displayed in the front yard! I mean really! She is such a prude sometimes! But have no fear my looney friend Lois has offered her yard as fodder for the doll head tree! Yea! Lo!Love her so much! More to come!


Thursday, October 02, 2008

This Time of Year

Here we are 3 years later. It has been 3 years since the Rat Bastard left. Well, on the 9th it will be but close enough anyways. It's funny because it still hurts and despite every effort I still think of him at least once each and every day. Yes, the 1000 days are past and although I am not burdened with the gut wrenching pain of the breakup I still feel the departure.Somehow,I still don't feel whole. That pisses me off too. I mean, come on already and get over it. I am of the mind at this time of my life anyways, that I am destined to be alone. That i not a bad thing per se, but I just don't feel like there is really someone out there that I can have a connection with.
Now, let me climb off this here pity pot and get on with the rest of the stuff I wanted to.I went to the Austin City Limits Festival again this year. But, I did what a I coined ACL lite. My friend and I went every day after 4pm for one thing. Too dang hot! But, this year the weather was fantastic.Never a swelter the whole weekend. If you were there between 12-4pm maybe but hey, ACL lite,baby! Friday we saw Patti Griffith who is a hometown favorite. If you don't know who she is then go find out. Listen to Heavenly Days- a song about her dog! That's what someone told me anyways. Then this band from Denton Texas Eli-Young Band who were touted as similar to Counting Crows and Jayhawks. They were more like Sunvolt meets Kenny Chesney. A little too country for my taste but the songs were catchy and all in all it was enjoyable. Especially munching down on some chicken in a cone from Hudson's on the Bend. That's this fancy smancy restaurant out at the lake where all the rich white people live. Anyways, they fry up a chicken breast all flattened out rolled in corn flakes,flour,nuts? hell if I know but then they put it with a mango slaw and drizzle on this sauce that is spicy! It is so good. Drool...
Then we ended the night listening to this guy named Donovan Frankenreiter. He was my favorite of the evening for sure. He was kind of like a Jack Johnson/Ben Harper kind of guy. You know, that whole genre. Got to heart a little bit of David Byrne too.Was home by 10:30pm.
Saturday, we saw John Fogerty and Allison Krause and Robert Plant.John did a lot of Credence which rocks cuz hello he sang Proud Mary! Knowing I was DANCING!!!!Then Allison Krause who has the most beautiful voice ever and Robert Plant...need I say more. They did a bluegrass version of Black Dog and Far and Away that was awesome!OMG! Allison sang that gospel song from O Brother Where Art Thou-When I went Down to the River to Pray that gave me chills. They were the best show of the festival. We ended the night listening to some Beck and again got home pretty early. Sunday, well, I didn't go. I was done. I couldn't think of how anyone could top the previous night. The only band I really wanted to see was The Raconteurs and I have seen them before. I know there were some really good bands playing like Band of Horses and Foo Fighters but I was done ACL lite.
Go, I mean run to the record store and get the Allison Krause Robert Plant album and I gotta get that Donovan dude's album cuz he was fabulous.
Speaking of fabulous have I mentioned my new haircut? I man my hairdo! Oh yeah honey, I gotta a new do and it is short!!!! Like boy short. I cut off 16inches! I gave it to Locks for Love. It is so cool ,literally.I will have to download some pictures and put them up for you to see. I saw this ad in the Alamo Draft House flyer that said Bad Ass hair so I went there and told them I wanted Bad Ass hair! I spoke with this girl and told her I wanted it short but I didn't want to look like a lesbian. No offence but I'm just saying. I wanted to look fabulous and made the appointment. I came back and she did me up then I went and got so very very drunk on tequila which IU vow to never do again. I was like lay down and put your foot on the floor give me a piece of bread, a cold washrag, and a trash can NOW!Oh yeah! Then I had to get up early the next morning to go to a big old swap meet in the heat and oh Lord Jesus! Please help me! I was sweating like a whore in church!I had to put myelf on probation after that. That is too much!But the great thing was I felt like shit but I looked damn good! That's what I'm talking about!


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