Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Miss Nancy!

I think about my best frined in the whole world and how she just dropped dead on July 12th 2005. She had a bleed in her brain and probably died before she hit the floor. How fortunate for her. But me, well, you see I always thought we would grow old pissing our pants in the same nursing home together. She and I met in 1978 when I went to work at the county hospital in the trauma unit. She was without a doubt one of the funniest, nicest,smartest, sweetest people in the world. In fact, I will go as far as to say she was an angel here on earth. She made everyone who ever meet her feel better. I last saw her face in june of the same year when we were walking out of the airport together after a trip to Vegas. I talked to her almost every day on the phone but that was the last time I saw her. I wish I had known that was my last time to see her. Maybe I would have taken the time to really look at her, you know.We were supposed to meet up at Barton Springs on July 4th but I never showed up and by the time I talked to her to see if she wanted to go with us to watch the fireworks she said she was tired and just gonna go home. I play that over and over in my head and wish upon wishes I had made it out there that day ,but, I was in a relationship and he wanted to do something else. I think of her every day. I know that whatever happens in the rest of my life I will never see her again ever. This makes me incrediably sad. But last night, I had a talk with her. I mean it was so real. She was laughing and telling me how she had met Jimmie Hendriks, Albert Schwitzer,Groucho Marks ,and Jimmie Durante. I know that sounds bizarre but hey she was special. She also told me that when I die she will be right there to welcome me. She said I will not be afraid.This of course, made me very happy but today I am depressed because I know that no matter what happens to me -I could find true love and get married to a wonderful man or win the lottery or fall and break my neck. It does not matter because she will still be dead! Always for the rest of my life she will be dead!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Febuary Makes me Shiver!

Ok! I am officially over the winter now! It was so nice here Saturday. Linda and I went to San Marcos for Mexican food at Mamacita's and it was beautiful-60's or so. When we left it was still sunny-but by the time we got home 15-20 miles away it was no longer sunny and the wind was whipping around and the temperature had dropped to 40's! Texas, if you don't like the weather just wait a bit, it will change!
Linda left this morning to go to Houston. She will have radiation therapy 5 treatments a week for 5 weeks. She is hoping to come home for the weekends but the gas is expensive. I told her I will pay her gas if she wants to come home! I will miss her!
Dooley was sick this past weekend. He had a temperature of 104.9 This is above the normal 100-101 temps they run. He was so pitiful! He is still not feeling up to par. He is not as playful or eating normally. He went to the vet who gave him a shot of antibiotics,steroids, and some antibiotics to take at home. He takes them in a do-nut hole! Dogs will take anything in a do-nut hole I have found! Hell, me too!
I am working in the office all week so I hope to becaught up on blogging for a while. I have not been on Facebook in a month at least. Linda says it has changed. I cannot get to the website from my work computer! How rude! Gues they want me to work! Whatever!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Febuary is Cold

I am in the office again for the day. It is so cold in here I have my coat and hat on! It is cold outside too! I am looking forward to being home curled up in my jammies watching American Idol on TV. My arthritis has been especailly bad the last few weeks. I am taking pain meds daily now! I know this is not a good thing but I have no choice! I do ok in the mornings but as the day goes on I get more and more sore and hard to walk! It about kills me to go from sitting to standing position. My right knee gets a catch in it on the side and it about does me in! WAH!! Poor pitiful me!
Linda is back home now. They are talking about radiation therapy and want to do it all in Houston because of her size the Dr. says she would rather have her there and not so far away. Looks like she will get 5 days a week for 5 weeks. She plans on coming home on the weekends. Let's see how that plays out.
I have another dear friend who was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It is in her lymph nodes and they are not sure of the primary source. This is stage 4 and that is a very bad thing indeed. She is going today to have a port a cath placed in her subclavian vein for access for chemotherapy. I am worried about her. Such a nice girl!
Dooley is not liking the cold weather either. He has on 2 occasions this week opted to piss in the house instead of outside! Not cool! He pisses on the water cooler! Shithead!
My friend Connie had her 50th birthday party last saturday! It was a blast! All us clits dressed up like old ladies and did a line dance to Achy Breaky heart with walkers! It was hilarious! Yes, we tried to film it but the camera got blocked and the operator was drunk so... Well you just had to have been there! Happy birday Connie! Love you long time!
How about them Saints? I love it! The quarterback is from Austin ya know! Linda won $50 in a football pot! Go Linda! She says she will take me oput to dinner! that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!
Ok gotta go look busy the boss is walking around!


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