Monday, January 04, 2010

Monday Morning

Well, Linda has gone to Houston and will return tomorrow and stay for the week then back to Houston for her MD Anderson consult. She has called me every day so she must be homesick. She has a blow up mattress that sits on top of her bed. It is the most uncomfortable thing I have ever seen but she likes it. I have told her that if she wants to we can go to the mattress store and I will buy her a decent mattress. I think we can get one for 3-400 dollars that would last her for 10-20 years at least.Anyways, she said we will see. Stubborn girl. Dooley is missing her for sure as are the other 2 dogs.She gives them treats and scraps from the table which I will not do. Although, last night there was just a little bit of dog food left so they ate that then I ordered them a meat lover's pizza thin crust of course. They ate it and slept good, farting blissfully all night long! Stinky! I have to remember to go to the grocery store this evening after I get off work. I hate the grocery store and would gladly pay someone to go for me!
My good friend Jan came over yesterday and took my Christmas tree down while i packed away the ornaments. She also moved furniture around and back to where it was before Christmas. We had a Gazelle;execise equipment that was sitting in the living room right at the front door. We never used it and it became a coat hanger. So, we decided to move it into the spare room. Big mistake. Fisrt off, we had a hell of a time getting it to flod up and stay folded up. The stupid feet kept falling back and then the whole thing would open up and trip us up! We got it stuck in the hallway and wrestled it back into the living roomWe tried to fit it under the couch but it was too big. Then we tried to put it behind the couch but it got stuck there too! We finally had enough of it and we threw it outside and a neighbor came and got it! Yea neighbor! I never want tosee or hear about it ever again! I am sure Jan feels the same way. She then went into Linda's room and changed the sheets and tried to pick up a bit. She is the BEST!
The maid is coming today and she will be surprised at the shape of the living room since Jan got the dog hair out from underneath the furniture which is hard for me to do and a chore for the maid!I am sore from all the work from yesterday! Tomorrow I am off for my BD! And then I plan on taking friday off too! 3 day weekend. I was taking the whole week off before Linda got sick. But, someone has to stay home with the animals and she is not in a position to do this so I will wait until may when I plan on going to Alabama shores for vacation. That isn't until May man that seems so far away.


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