Thursday, November 05, 2009

Office Work

Ok so I am in the office today to work for one of the girls who took my old job. Funny, but the job I was doing alone now takes 3 nurses to do! Anyways, I am a case manager in the field now. The office nurses are here to approve orders written, follow up on tasks ,fax labs, take referrals, order DME,etc. There is 1 nurse to do all the referrals and 2 nurses who do all the above mentioned jobs/tasks. The girl I am covering for has all patients whose names start with M-Z. So, the other girl who is here and is about as useful as a tit on a boar hog has all patients whose names start A-L. I am looking at the screen on the computer and there are all these requests from nurses out in the field from as far back as 10/9/09. Some are asking for wheelchairs to be ordered, some are asking for the note itself to be faxed to the dr, some are asking for referrals to house call doctors. As I scroll down through them I see a few requests that I have made! I have one patient who I asked be referred to a visiting podiatrist on 10/9/09! Every time I see the patient I ask her if the Dr has come out and she always tells me no! Now I know why! Well, needless to say I am not a happy camper!So, the girl goes off to lunch for 1 1/2 hours and when she comes back she walks into this office and I tell her I am kind of pissed off at her right now and she asks me why and I tell her! She kept talking over me until I had to tell her to shut up and let me finish. Then she starts telling me how busy it is in there and how she is up here until 1 am a lot of times and how when she was gone on vacation 3 weeks ago no one did her job which is bullshit and even if it is so then why the hell is it not done now! I told her that sitting here looking at this and now knowing when I go back out into the field there is a very good chance that anything I ask her to do will probably not get done and that is scary and unacceptable! I am an RN just like her and when I sat in this position I had to do it all no excuses and if it wasn't done I would have been fired! I told her to get out I was done talking to her and she told me that if I really needed something done I should email her! Bullshit again! If I want something done on a patient standard operating procedure is to enter it into the patients chart in the portion she sees and she is to follow up on it and enter it as a follow up to the same note. Part of the chart!Email is not part of the chart! Unacceptable! She left out of here went into her office slammed the door then came back out stromed into the DON's office and screamed I am going home! Mary has upset me! Now she is crying! There's no crying in nursing! Just do your fucking job bitch! Ok now! I feel better!


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