Monday, May 25, 2009


Ok so I have some pictures from the parade. I went with my friends Casey and Connie.Dooley refused to participate by going naked. It was ok though because he is such a rare type that everyone wanted to touch and look at him.


Memorial Day

I haven't posted in a while. I am hardly ever on the computer anymore.I have been spending a lot of time in the DFW area. My brother who is 44 years old, barely, is also a big old honkin' alcoholic. He is in and out of the hospital all the time with complications associated with the drinking. He is dying and it is a drain on the whole family. He was in the ICU a few weeks back because he was bleeding in his gut and they couldn't get it to stop. The Doctor told him if he would just give up drinking he could maybe live but he cannot give it up. He went on a bender for a few days and wore his shoes the whole time, then when he took them off he had bad blisters which then turned into wounds that have now become infected.His roomate called my mom saying he was in the bathroom and had fired a gun. She got over there to find him in the bathroom hallucinating saying someone was standing on the other side of the door with a gun and he shot through the door. The roomate kicked him out and well he should. My 2 sisters who live in the same town went to his house and put all his stuff in storage. My brother went to the parents house where he pulled out another gun and was waving it around saying they were outside waiting to kill him.Mom had to call 911 and when her husband got home, brother gave him the gun. He went back to the hospital. He was seen in the hospital again and then checked himself out AMA when they told him they may need to take one of his feet off due to infection. He came back the next day with fluid on his abdomen and legs all swollen up. They drained the fluid and put him on IV antibiotics and now his feet are better. He signed out again this time going straight to the bar where he did not however drink. He just sat there playing a video poker game till his money ran out. He left the bar to go to the ATM machine for more money. His card would not work. It was late,around 1:30 am and he went back to the bar but they were closing. 3 guys pulled brother out of the truck and beat the living shit out of him,would have killed him perhaps but the bartender came out and they ran off. He went to the hospital with a closed head injury, 2 fractured orbits and a fractured nose. He signed hiself out AMA again and told my mom he was dying and had things to do. He cannot even see because his eyes are swollen shut. He called my niece to come get him and drive him around.This is exhausting, not to mention hertbreaking. My poor mom is gonna have a nervous breakdown. I am glad I am not in the same town although I do feel guilty that my 2 sisters have to bear the brunt of this. I haven't called my sister today to see how things are going because I am having a good day. My mom says she wants 1 day to just be alone to do whatever she wants to do which is going to Oklahoma to play the slot machines for a while. I say go for it but she is afraid if she does this he may need her! Bullshit! I call bullshit! Alcoholics are selfish people. All they ever think about is themselves! I am sick of this and it is far from over.


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