Monday, March 23, 2009

Catching Up

I have been bad about blogging lately. Well,actually ever since I quit working in the office with access to the computer all day.Truth be known I spent a lot of time at work goofing off. But now that I am back in the field I am busy all day and when I get home I am too tired to do much other than laundry,shopping for groceries,picking up the house,etc. You get the picture. I was on call this past weekend and I worked long hours both days. I didn't get off friday till almost 7pm. SXSW was going on all last week too. I did go to a free concert down on Auditorium Shores friday night though.It was Bob Schneider(missed him) then Raul Malo,and Arc Angels.The last band is a favorite of mine and the real reason even went down there to hang out with a feew thousand folks. They have 1 album and if you can find it get it because it is the epitome of Austin music.I have company too. My cousin from Chicago,her son and a friend of his came in late friday night and have been staying here soaking up the Austin scene. I asked my little friend Maddy who is a college student to show them around Saturday and they went to a few concerts SXSW style. I took them to the Oasis last night which is this restaurant on Lake Travis. The view is awesome for the sunset but the food sucks and I spent $130 on dinner and drinks for 4 of us which isn't too bad but it was bad that is! Today, I am off and plan of spending time either in bed or doing laundry. Haven't decided which one yet. I think the boys are leaving today to go to Houston. What a change of pace for them. I think they want to see the ocean but Galveston is still pretty tore up from Ike. I have been having more and more pain in my knees and so I have an appt. to see my dr tomorrow. I am going to ask for pain And yes, I have tried NSAIDS but they are bad on my kidneys.


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