Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Playing Hookey

I am playing hookey from the "w" today. I am sitting at home in front of the TV and the keyboard! It took me a while to catch up with all of my favs but here I am. I am still enjoying the job but felt it was time for a break. It was so cold when I got up this morning it was 35 degrees! That is cold especially when it was 95 degrees Monday afternoon! Let's see what has happened since we last posted?? I went to a baby shower for a cousin of mine Saturday night. I know, I know , calm down already. I said she was a relative. I tried getting drunk but there wasn't enough wine in the house for that. I mean really, is there ever an end to the shower shit?

My Auntie who lives out in Wimberly is having a birthday Friday the 29th. that makes her 17th birthday! We are throwing her a party in WImberly at a BBQ place that serves booze and has live music! Looking forward to it.

I gave my cane up this week. I was sitting at a stop light and this poor guy had a sign up for money and when I gave him a couple of bucks and some clean socks he limped over to the car barely making it. I asked what was wrong and he said he had hip surgery and was out of his wheelchair. I asked him if he had a walker or a cane and he said he had a cane and someone stole it from him. So, I reached in the back seat and handed him my cane and told him if someone tried to steal it to beat them with it! Those streets are mean. I don't know if you realize it or not but all too often homeless people are jacked and robbed of what little they have. I know of one guy who is deaf that get rolled at least 2 times a week.That ain't right! Like I always say I will give you money to remind me how good my life is brother! Want to know if they are homeles or just scamming? Look at theor feet. Homeless people live in their shoes 24/7. They usually have trench foot which is why I like to wash thier feet and give them clean socks if they will let me. They are in pain folks! So, next time you see them give them a dollar for me ok?

On a lighter note, Dooley the weenie is doing much better in doggie school! He just is not sitting or laying down on command. I guess when you are already 2 inches from the ground it is just redundant to get any lower. He will however sit on the couch and lay on the bed. Smart guy. Yesterday morning it was cold and I had my jacket sitting on the couch. Dooley burrowed in under it to get snug and warm. I got up off the couch to go into the bedroom and when I came out he was laying on the floor thrashing about like a fish out of water. Seems he had burrowed into a sleeve of the jacket with his head poking out of the wrist part of the sleeve. He tried coming out that way only to be stuck. I guess when I got off the couch he tried to get up too and ended up falling on the floor flailing about when I found him. I wish I had a movie camera. I did take pictures but again am having trouble downloading them. But take my word for it was funny!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Post

Wow! I cannot believe it has been so long since I last posted.I am so enjoying my new job in the field. I work maybe 4-6 hours/day. I go all over the place. Last week I went out to Burnet/Inks Lake. It is in the hill country. I was driving out in the boonies surrounded by granite and marble hills filled with scrub brush and prickly pear cactus with lots of longhorns and black angus cattle scattered along with sheep and goats to boot! Then this week I was out between Elgin and Bastrop driving down road canopied by tall pine trees! I love the scenery and the people I meet are some of the best in the world! I am so loving this!

Ok, what else has been going on? I saw Velvet Revolver since my last post. I was in the VIP/handicapped section of course. I was so close to Slash I could smell his hair burning from the lit ciggy in his mouth! Let me tell you this though, Scott, the lead singer is one ugly SOB! He is skinny as a rail and had one tooth missing and another one broken! He looks like a homeless junkie! He was good though! It was a great concert!

Hope everyone had a great VD! I call it single awareness day! LOL! Dooley and I are going to doggie school. He is actually a pretty good student. Weenie dogs are smart but stubborn! We go every Thursday evening at 6pm! Yea Dooley! He is the cutest dog in the class of course!

How good is Collective Soul? I think they are one of the best bands ever! They have a new DVD and they are playing with the youth symphony orchestra of Atlanta.It is so good. If you haven't seen it then rent it and then buy it because you will want to after seeing it! Counting Crows have a new album due out next month! That means touring again! I am so ready to follow them all over Texas and parts of New Mexico if need be!

To answer your question Cyndy about my job. I work on a point system. I have to make 25 points/week. Each admit visit is worth 2.5 points. So I only have to make 5/day. If I don't have 2 admits then I make it up by doing regular visits or recerts(2 points) resumpuption of care(2 points) so as you can see I stay busy enough. I always go over productivity. Anything over 25 points is extra money. Last pay period I had 6 extra points($210), plus all the money I get for milage(40cents/mile) I made $700 more than I did in the office working every Sat. for extra money and I bet I only worked 20 hours a week!Now, I don't work the weekends!LuckY!I don't get much time on the computer though. My cousin is usually on it in the evenings and I sit and watch TV or something!

Ok, enough for now I need to go check out some of your sites to see what is new with all of y'all!


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