Friday, April 30, 2010

Fucking Friday!

I hate working on Friday! I mean really now! I am on call all week and I had to go way out of town yesterday evening for an admit visit with wounds and IVs and the whole mess took me from 5:20 pm to after 9pm! I was exhausted and so was the client. I am so ready for this call to be over but now I have the weekend to look forward to. The title on call nurse is really a misnomer.It is really just mandatory work for the weekend because instead of just being on call and handling the on call problems they load her up with visits so that not only are you out all day seeing patients but you get to be constantly interrupted by the phone calls which are usually pain in the ass calls like where is my nurse or who is coming out to see me today! I am so ready for my vacation! Today has been so busy and the rest of the week I have been in here has been boring. I tried to get the scheduler to say she needed me in the field today but she said no, we were too busy in the office. One of the other nurses was in here yesterday with her hand loosely wrapped up in an ace wrap. She says she broke her hand and cannot work for 1 month. She fell on the job. Whatever. I watched her eat and write with the very same hand and she did great. I asked her why she didn't have it casted and she said as long as she keeps it immobile she does not need one??It is not immobile! I think she is trying to scam workman's comp and or short term disability. She says she can't work because she cannot lift anything iover 15 lbs. What? See, she has a grandbaby who must weigh less than that. I mean, really now what do we lift anyway? I have 2 torn biceps and can't go up and down stairs but they keep me pretty busy anyways. Ok enough of the bitching I gotta get back to work!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Office Life

I am in the office every day this week and on call! Geesh! My two least favorites things together! Who did I piss off? Oh well, I can catch up on my blogging for a change. The weather here is so incredible. It is just the right temperature and the wild flowers are glorious this year. The best I have ever seen!I have a new camera and it takes awesome pictures! My internet is not working at my house or I would post some of them. Once I get it up and running I will post for sure. I haven't been on Facebook forever either. I find it easier to post pictures there as well. I cannot get on Facebook at work. It is a blocked site! Well!the weenie dog races were this p[ast weekend but we didn't go because I let it slip up on me! I thought it was this weekend! Crackhead baby!17 more days till vacation! I cannot wait! I am going to order a new bathing suit right now BYE


Thursday, April 22, 2010


I so need a real vacation and in just 3 weeks I am going on one! I am going to Alabama. I know -what the fuck?? But really, they have a beautiful coastline and also Sherry lives in Alabama! I am hoping to talk her into coming down for a visity while I am there. My sister,Anna, my good friend,Debbie,her husband, Foots, her sister Helen , and Helen's grown daughter, KJ are all going. We have rented a beach house on a small island off the coast of Alabama Dauphen Island or maybe it is Dauphin Island... Anyways, we have rented a house right on the beach 4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms and you open the door and you are on the beach! I know it sounds wonderful! A whole week. I leave May 15th and will stay till the following saturday which is I believe the 22nd! The only drawback is the stairs I will have to navigate since the house is on stilts! There are no restaurants or fast food jpints and there is a little store where you can get a $6 loaf of bread so each person is resposible for 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, and 1 dinner for everyone. my cousin linda is making her famous chicken salad for me to take along and that will be my lunch for the day! I plan on sitting on the big covered porch every morning with a cup of coffee and bailey's. Maybe kaluha.. or both. I plan on switching to vodka and diet cherry 7 up for the afternoon! I got a new camera and plan on taking tons of photos! 21 more days! Oh yeah! My sister calls me almost every day to tell me what she has bought for us to take! I love her so much! Oops looks like the boss is back from her meeting I gotta go act like I'm busy!


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