Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Long Time No Blog

Dooley stuck in the sleeve of my jacket He was so funny He could not figure it out. He kept wanting to go thru the wrist part of it and that was not happening!

Osa Bear! She is the nicest dog ever!

Chula Lee! My sweetheart!

I am so sorry that I have been neglecting my blogger friends. I am so loving my job as the admit nurse. I get to meet the nicest people in the world and the diversity of the places I go on a daily basis is phenomenal! I am never on the computer so today I decided to lurk about and see how everyone is doing!

Let's see I went to the annual Buda weenie dog races a few weeks back and I did get some great pictures and I promise to download them this weekend so everyone can see them. Dooley did not race nor did he wear a costume. In all fairness, the cape was too big. Like Janet Jackson, he had a wardrobe malfunction! He was a streaker! LOL!

I didn't enter him in a race because I had to leave early to go see my friend Jana's daughter, Kaylee perform in a one act play for the state finals UIL competition. She was great and played a character she made up from the "clits". See guess all the wildness pays off sometimes. She is so talented and I am looking forward to seeing her name in lights one day! She is now in a musical with a big role as well. I am so very proud of her!
The days are getting longer and I love that so much too! I think Spring is my favorite time of year. It is not too cold and not too hot! I am sad to say that Osa has heartworms. I am a bad mother! I took her to the vet this past Sat. for her annual checkup and she was positive for them. The treatment is harsh. They use arsenic! I have some holistic medication I am going to use to see if it will work. It has a good success rate anyways. Let's see. I am just giving it to all the dogs since they probably got bit by the same stinking mosquito! Bad Mom Bad Mom!
I am still losing weight and am walking 6 times a week. I can only walk for about 15 mins. at a time but the fact I am walking is nothing short of a miracle! I take a different dog each day so everyone gets a little 1:1 time 2 times a week. Of course, Dooley thinks he should get to go every time. Little shit!
My neighbor hit my car while it parked in front of my house the other night. She is 22 years old has 2 kids, lives with her parents still,no job, and get this no insurance and no license! Dumb ass bitch! Is it terrible that I hate my neighbors so much? They are the ones who never feed or water their dog. He keeps breaking out of his yard to come to my yard. He is a sweet dog but he is a pit bull and one bite from him would surely kill Dooley! I feed him and give him fresh water every day when I feed my brood. Dooley is allergic to corn so I have to feed him a special corn free food and it is expensive. I buy 40 pounds for $36. I can't separate it so everyone eats it. Oh well! He is looking good though. Before his coat was thin and he was losing hair along his back. Now, granted he doesn't have a lot of hair but what he has sure is pretty!
I am in the process of painting my front door. I am talking about a mural not just slapping paint on it. I am using baubles and shiny surfaces as well as some mirrors. It is going to be beautiful. Or as my Mom would say gaudy as all get out! Nothing like Southern Tacky y'all!
Okay for the life of me I cannot think of anything else to say so I am done and am off to check out a few of my favorite blogs. Love and peace to all. Hey, how about AI? I am thinking it is a David vs. David thing!


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