Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Weenie dogs

So the big weenie dog races is coming up. It is the last Saturday of the month. I have already been working on Dooley's costume for the big parade. I won't say what it is because I want to surprise you!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Viva Las Vegas!

Well, I am back from Vegas and I had a blast! We got there early Friday morning. 9am and got to the resort in no time. We stayed at the Stratosphere which by the way rocks! We checked in and went out to the casino floor to hit some slots. I was playing a penny slot machine when after about 3 pulls I hit a $100 pot. I cashed out and we went to eat breakfast. Then back to the floor for more slot action. I was playing blazing 7s and kept hitting pots of $30-200. Just enough to keep you playing and happy. Of course, there were the free drinks they kept bringing us. I was drinking double grey goose and cranberry juice drinks and my sister was drinking double crown and waters all weekend long. We turned in fairly early having been up since 3am that night and got up bright and early the next morning planning on getting a car and doing some exploring.We went downstairs and sat down at the wheel of fortune. I hit a $500 jackpot and cashed out! WHoo hoo! We went for breakfast then to get the car. We weren't able to get the car because apparently you have to have 3 major credit cards no debit cards accepted and 2 forms of photo ID. SO, we nixed that idea and went back to the casino. I sat down at the wheel of fortune and bam hit another $500 pot! I was up over $1000 and it wasn't even noon! We continued to roam the casino floor and play whatever struck our fancy! My sister was liking the Elvis slot machine but I didn't feel the love from the king and instead headed over to the John Wayne slot machines. I hit another pot for $300. I played it in honor of my cousin Linda who loves John Wayne! We went to a show that evening where drinks were $15.00 a piece and drank over $100 worth of crown and grey goose! Then we were back to the free drinks and playing poker. We ended the night with dinner at the top of the world restaurant where we ate $200 worth of food and drink. The best martinis ever! We were living large and loving it,baby! Now, this is where I have to say that really you only need to spend 3 days in Vegas because Sunday I could have jut stayed home on the couch but since that was not an issue we soldiered through drinking and gambling into the night! We did have our dinner in the room that night and forewent the exotic midnight show we had gotten comped to us for spending so much money at the casino. I hate to say it but we never left the resort,in fact we never went outside for 4 days. Monday was the going home day and we headed out to the airport. I was on US Air which I will never fly again. I had a layover in Phoenix and the plane was tiny as were the seats and there was little headroom. The plane was full and it felt like a cattle call. I was so glad to see my girl,Jana waiting out front to pick me up! Tuesday, I woke up hurting from my eyes to my toes. I told Linda this is what it feels like with no booze or drugs! I have been off all week and have been loving every minute f it. I plan on going tomorrow to San Antonio with Jana to see her daughter Kaylee in a competition performance where she plays a character inspired by Lois and Jan! ALCO...HOLIC!!


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dooley and Osa


Yahoo! Avatars